Controversy over cooperation in search for people gone missing in war

The chairman of the Serbian government commission for missing persons, Veljko Odalovic, said on Tuesday that the fate of 4,086 Serbs gone missing during the wars in the former Yugoslavia still...

Missing Japanese boy found alive in woods after six days

A 7-year-old boy who disappeared for nearly a week was found unharmed on the northern Japanese island of Hokkaido, local media reported Friday.

French investigators arrive in Egypt to aid search for missing jet

Three French aviation accident investigators and an Airbus technical expert arrived in Cairo on Friday to join an Egypt-led probe into the disappearance of an Egyptair jet with 66 people on board...

Egyptair jet crashes with 66 aboard amid terror suspicion

An Egyptair plane crashed Thursday in the Mediterranean Sea with 66 people on board amid suspicions that a terrorist act was involved.

NATO "ready to help" with missing Egyptair jet if needed

NATO is willing to help authorities as they work to track down an Egyptair plane that went missing over the Mediterranean Sea while travelling from Paris to Cairo, the chief of the military...

Search under way in Mediterranean for Egyptair jet with 66 on board

Egypt and Greece were searching Thursday for an Egyptair plane that went missing while travelling from Paris to Cairo with 66 people on board, authorities said.

13 missing after cargo ship sinks off Indonesia's Papua

Rescuers were searching for 13 people who were missing after a cargo ship sank off Indonesia's Papua province over the weekend, a report said Wednesday.

NGOs present findings on ex-Yugoslavia war casualties

This NGO started collecting evidence about war victims in 2009, and sources available to this NGO helped it to register 15,336 victims.

Memorial service held for Serb civilians killed, gone missing in war

"All that has become invisible both in the country and in the Serb community. Some Serbs had returned to Pakrac, but after a few years they opted again to emigrate and to leave, I would say, for...

"Sacrifice of Borovo Naselje for the Homeland" commemoration held

The head of the Mothers of Vukovar association, Manda Patko,  gave a talk at the event, saying that Croatia was still searching for 290 persons who went missing in Vukovar in 1991.