Miro Cerar

Croatian PM tells Juncker, Cerar arbitration with Slovenia over

Croatian Prime Minister Andrej Plenkovic said on Friday he told European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker and Slovenian PM Miro Cerar that, for Croatia, the arbitration on the Croatian-Slovenian border dispute was over.

EP president not ruling out "multi-speed Europe"

European Parliament President Antonio Tajani, who was on a working visit to Slovenia on Friday, spoke of the future development of the European Union as part of a debate initiated by the European Commission, not ruling out the idea of "a multi-speed Europe".

Slovenia wants European Commission to withdraw delegated act on Teran wine

Slovenian Prime Minister Miro Cerar said on Thursday he expected the European Commission to withdraw the decision allowing Croatia to use the name Teran wine, while Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker said that the Commission should first examine the veracity of Slovenia's claims.

No major migrations along Adriatic route, Slovenian FM says

Slovenian Foreign Minister Karl Erjavec has tried to shed light on Slovenian PM Miro Cerar's statement on Friday about the opening of an Adriatic route whereby migrants might reach Croatia and Slovenia which surprised Croatian PM Andrej Plenkovic.

Croatian PM says knows nothing about Adriatic migrant route

Croatian Prime Minister Andrej Plenkovic said in Malta on Friday he knew nothing about a new, Adriatic route whereby migrants would enter Slovenia via the Croatian peninsula of Istria, which was mentioned by Slovenian PM Miro Cerar to everyone's surprise.

Slovenian PM demands his associate's resignation over Aliens Act vote

Controversies about the passage of disputable amendments to the Aliens Act in Slovenia have continued this week with Prime Minister Miro Cerar demanding the resignation of Milan Brglez from the post of vice

Cerar comments on border arbitration with Croatia at diplomatic reception

Slovenian Prime Minister Miro Cerar on Monday commented on relations with the neighbours, mentioning his expectations regarding the resolution of a border dispute with Croatia, and underscored that Ljubljana would honour a ruling of the arbitration on the border row.

Slovenian and Czech prime ministers talk cooperation

Relations between Slovenia and the Czech Republic are excellent and both countries advocate strict control of the European Union's external borders and adherence to the rules of the Schengen regime when it comes to migrant movements, Slovenian and Czech Prime Ministers Miro Cerar and Bohuslav Sobotka respectively confirmed at a press conference in Prague on Monday.

PM wants for Slovenia to have well-arranged relations with neighbours in 2017

Prime Minister Miro Cerar has said that his wish for Slovenia in 2017 is to have well-arranged relations with its neighbours and that he hopes that Croatia will respect a verdict which an international arbitral tribunal is expected to deliver regarding the Slovenia-Croatia border disagreement.

Slovenia's PM against conditioning Serbia's EU talks

Slovenia's Prime Minister Miro Cerar on Monday said that his government would not condition Serbia's EU negotiations with outstanding bilateral issues concerning archival materials from the period of the former Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (SFRY) that were destroyed in Slovenia, however, copies are still kept in Belgrade.

PM says Slovenia protecting Schengen, will close border if necessary

If there is a new migrant wave along the Balkan route as last year, Slovenia will take every security measure and protect the external Schengen border, Prime Minister Miro Cerar told Maribor's Vecer daily of Thursday, adding that the border might be closed if Austria did the same.

PM says Slovenia to privatise NLB bank but not Luka Koper

Slovenian Prime Minister Miro Cerar has said his cabinet will deliver on the promise given to the European Commission about the privatisation of Nova Ljubljanska Banka (NLB), the biggest lender in the country, however, he rules out the privatisation of the company "Luka Koper" that provides port and logistics services in the Adriatic port of Koper.

Slovenian PM condemns post-war atrocities

Slovenian Prime Minister Miro Cerar on Monday condemned the mass executions in Slovenia committed by Tito's Partisans in the wake of the Second World War, but said that his government would not apologise for them because present-day Slovenia was not responsible for those atrocities.

Slovenian PM announces stricter controls of border with Croatia in case of migrant wave

Slovenian Prime Minister Miro Cerar on Monday announced a stricter control of the border with Croatia in case of another migrant wave and pressure on Slovenia's borders, Slovenian media reported.

Serbia, Slovenia want stronger economic cooperation, PMs say

Slovenia and Serbia are satisfied with their political relations and it is the interest and will of both to advance economic relations and strengthen economic cooperation, it was said in Belgrade on Monday after a joint session of the two governments.

Serbia and Slovenia to hold joint govt meeting

A joint meeting of the governments of Serbia and Slovenia is scheduled for Monday in Belgrade, says a a press release from the Serbian cabinet on Sunday.

Japanese company to build robot factory in Slovenia

The Japanese Yaskawa Electric Corporation has decided to build its new industrial robots factory intended for the European market, in Slovenia, Slovenia's Prime Minister Miro Cerar told reporters on Thursday.

Slovenian PM calls on migrants to be patient while waiting for asylum

Slovenian Prime Minister Miro Cerar on Monday called on migrants and refugees demanding a faster processing of their asylum applications in Slovenia to be patient.

Austrian Chancellor, Slovenian PM to talk migrants Monday

Austrian Chancellor Christian Kern will visit Slovenia on Monday where he will meet with Prime Minister Miro Cerar to discuss the migrant issue, Cerar's office reported on Thursday.

Slovenia braced for recurrence of refugee crisis

Slovenia is braced for various scenarios of a possible recurrence of a refugee crisis such as last year's, said Slovenian official Bostjan Sefic, who is in charge of coordinating activities in response to migrant tides.

Slovenian PM against short term solution for migrant crisis, against barriers within Schengen

Slovenian Prime Minister Miro Cerar said on Monday it was necessary to find a long term and sustainable solution in case of a new migrant crisis, objecting to barriers between European Union member states.

Merkel starts talks with EU leaders, Croatian PM in Berlin on Sat.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel starts a series of meetings with EU members' leaders, and the first round of such meetings is set for Monday when Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi hosts the German Chancellor and French President Francois Hollande, while next Saturday, Merkel is to receive prime ministers: Christian Kern of Austria, Boyko Borisov of Bulgaria and Tihomir Oreskovic of Croatia and Miro Cerar of Slovenia.

Slovenia welcomes arbitral tribunal's decision

Slovenian Prime Minister Miro Cerar welcomes the decision by the Permanent Court of Arbitration to continue with arbitration proceedings in the Croatian-Slovenian border dispute, Cerar's office said in a statement.

Croatian president meets with Slovenian PM

"We also discussed outstanding issues and ways of dealing with them, and we agreed that they must not mar our friendship," she told reporters on the second day of her visit to Slovenia.

Croatian PM says will talk with his Slovenian colleague about wire fence

Prime Minister Tihomir Oreskovic on Monday announced that he would speak with his Slovenian counterpart Miro Cerar about the removal of the razor-wire fence on the border between the two countries.

Slovenian PM not concerned about temporary suspension of arbitration process

"The process has been temporarily suspended because of the well-known scandal and the arbiters now have to study the arguments of both parties, first of all Slovenia," Cerar told the press in Brussels. 

Slovenian PM says no more Balkan route for illegal migrants

"The summit has sent out a very clear message to those who smuggle refugees and illegal migrants that the Balkan route no longer exists," Cerar told the press.

PM urges Slovenians not to fear migrants

Slovenia is a safe country and citizens need not be afraid of migrants, Prime Minister Miro Cerar said on Saturday in response to protests held in recent weeks at a number of locations where the government planned to open transitional migrant centres.

Slovenia ready to engage army to help in migrant crisis

The measures see to the protection of national interests so that Slovenia does not become a hot spot where migrants would stay for longer periods, Erjavec said.

Slovenian PM says cooperation with Croatia improving

Cooperation with Croatia in the refugee-migrant crisis was very problematic when it began last year but has markedly improved with Croatia's new government, Slovenian Prime Minister Miro Cerar said on Saturday, adding that his recent meeting with Croatian PM Tihomir Oreskovic had contributed to that.

Croatian and Slovenian PMs call for better cooperation in tackling refugee crisis

One of the main topics discussed was the migration crisis, an important issue in Europe at this time.

Over 598,500 refugees pass through Croatia since mid-Sept

The winter refugee centre in the eastern town of Slavonski Brod catered for 12 refugees on Tuesday evening, according to the ministry,

Slovenia denies agreeing with Merkel tightened refugee controls

The Austrian daily Kronen Zeitung reported about a plan for stepped-up border controls as of Friday, and Slovenia's press agency STA has carried those allegations.

Slovenian opposition demands FM's resignation

MPs of the Slovenian Democratic Party and the New Slovenia party accuse Erjavec of "improvisation" and "failures" in foreign policy, of financial irregularities and clientelism in his ministry, and of making statements which made Croatia walk out of border arbitration.

Cerar wants to discuss regugee crisis with Croatia's new PM

He said a final solution to the refugee crisis required the cooperation of all European Union countries and better control of the external borders.

Milanovic: Cerar making up stories to justify his actions

On Thursday Cerar said that Slovenia was raising the fence in Istria because he had information that Croatia could start re-directing refugees to Italy via Istria.

Slovenian PM unpleasantly surprised by finding for Croatia's HEP

Cerar did not bring the ruling into question and is seeking a solution together with Finance Minister Dusan Mramor.

Ethnic Italians urge removal of barbed wire on Slovenia-Croatia border

Following the eventful 20th century marked by tragedies and sufferings, local residents in "pluralistic Istria" have embraced cooperation and peaceful coexistence in the European Union, ...

Slovene PM reassures MPs wire fence on border temporary

The barbed wire that has encroached on Croatia's territory at some sites has prompted Croatia's foreign ministry to forward several protest notes to the Slovenian authorities so far.

Slovenia not against Austran border fence

Commenting on Monday on the beginning of work on setting up the fence, the Slovenian foreign ministry said it was a temporary measure agreed between the two countries in order to direct the migrant wave in a more efficient way.

Slovenia to stop putting up wire fence in disputed border areas

Speaking of border fences in general, Cerar said: "No one wants a wire fence for a longer time, but right now it is necessary to control illegal migrations.

Milanovic: Slovenia putting up fence for domestic political reasons

The two prime ministers were speaking to the press in Valletta, Malta, where they were attending an EU summit on the refugee crisis. They met briefly on arrival.

Gov't says will take every measure needed to protect state interests

The Croatian government said in a press release on Tuesday that it would take every measure necessary to protect state interests and that it was prepared to respond to any situation.

Slovenia to set up barriers on Croatian border to control migrant influx, says PM

 I want to stress that, by doing that, Slovenia is not closing its borders, only preventing the uncontrolled entry of migrants into our territory

Slovenia mulling more steps to safeguard Schengen border

The Cerar cabinet held an extraordinary meeting on Monday evening to consider a response to an expected migration surge of 30,000 that are moving through the Balkan route after departing from Greece. 

Cerar says Slovenia to use wire, army against 'impossible' refugee influx

"It's easy to say that repression isn't the right answer, but what to do when people keep entering your house? No European state will allow such a situation. 

Cerar says will defend Slovenian interests, safety; might put up fence on Croatian border

"As prime minister, I'm willing to do everything to protect Slovenia's interests, the peace and safety of our people," he told reporters ...

Slovenian, Montenegrin premiers advocate European prospects of region

Djukanovic's official visit to Ljubljana, arranged before the riots and protests by the Opposition started in Podgorica, was his first visit to Slovenia in five years.

Slovenian PM fears EU may fall apart if refugee crisis continues

Slovenian Prime Minister Miro Cerar said before the start of an EU-Balkan summit on the migrant crisis that the European Union warned that the EU would start falling apart

50,000 migrants enter Slovenia this week, PM doesn't rule out fence

Slovenian police said on Friday that more than 50,000 migrants and refugees from the Middle East, Asia and Africa had entered the country from Croatia this week, ...

Milanovic says he, Cerar spoke 50 times in past 8 weeks

"Croatia is dealing with the migrants a bit routinely already. 220,000 people have passed through Croatia and no one has seen them," he told reporters in Labin.

Slovenian PM says Croatia behaving in non-European fashion

"We have noticed that Croatia is behaving in a non-European fashion," Cerar said adding that he had explained this to Migration Commissioner Dimitris Avramopoulos

Situation tense, Croatia bringing too many refugees - Slovenian PM says

"The situation is tense and escalating because Croatia is not honouring agreements and is bringing too many migrants to our border,"