Mirando Mrsic

SDP MP accuses gov't of dismantling welfare state in Croatia

Social Democrat parliamentarian and former Labour and Pension System Minister Mirando Mrsic on Thursday criticised a government plan which, according to the latest media reports, would lead to raising the statutory age for old-age retirement.

Former minister says gov't plan to regulate salary system unprofessional

Mrsic said he feared that there was a plan by the government "to entirely destroy the system of collective bargaining in the public sector, to destroy its wage policy and politicise it, as well as to cut public sector salaries."

SDP official says Milanovic current and future PM

With regard to the possibility of a new parliamentary election, Mrsic said that judging from the current situation, this option would be the worst solution.

Croatia hopes to achieve 66 pct employment rate by 2020, says minister

Mrsic said strengthening cross-border cooperation in employment simplified the flow of the workforce between two countries.

Contracts signed to finance active employment policy measures

Mrsic said that in Croatia active employment measures for groups that were more difficult to employ had changed the labour market, notably in terms of employing young people and women.

Economic and Social Council discusses state of social dialogue

Mrsic said this year the GSV had become an advisory body of the government which talked about strategic topics for the adoption of public policies.