Only five ministries hire disabled workers in 2015

According to the report compiled by Ombudswoman Anka Slosnjak, of 8,530 employers subject to the obligation to hire disabled persons, some 2,500 were those in the public sector and nearly 6,000 in...

Bridge: No one said we want to hire more staff

After some of the cabinet ministers last week voiced a need for extra staff, the ruling Bridge party stated on Monday that no one had said that their aim was to hire more staff.

Oreskovic says his team should utilise huge potential

We promised the European Union that we would reduce it by 700 million kuna, and this means that we have failed, Minister Nakic said, announcing a reorganisation of the system so as to make sure...

New ministers submit reports on situation in their ministries

 At the start of the first session of the Tihomir Oreskovic Cabinet, the new ministers submitted reports on the takeover of ministerial duties, the situation in their respective ministries and...

Oreskovic presents new govt. to ruling coalition, confident of good results

"We got to know each other a bit, I submitted my biography and presented my vision. Every government member introduced themselves and we all became a little closer today."

Bridge party presents its ministerial candidates

He said that expectations from the ministerial candidates were great. "Considering the way they were chosen, I don't believe in anything but success," said Petrov.

Croatia unveils new cabinet that will tackle ailing economy - media

The Serbian news agency Beta noted that of the 20 ministers in the new cabinet only three were women and that many of the candidates were "little know to the general public".

Pusic worried about new govt's "very threatening potential"

"There are probably some decent people (in the new government), however, its worldview makes it rather scary," Pusic told reporters.

Pusic says three months of searching for ministers not good

She said that "it would be logical to allow all parliamentary deputies to discuss such an important matter as the appointment of a new government."

HDZ chief: Names of cabinet ministers to be revealed by Thursday

"I hope the process (of negotiations on the future cabinet) will be finalised on Wednesday, or by noon Thursday at the latest, and we have agreed not to go public with the names until the last...

Bridge leader says list of candidates for ministerial positions ready

"At the meeting of the National Council we will be discussing operational steps, the parliament, committee seats, as well as when our candidates might be interviewed by PM-Designate Oreskovic,"...

Petrov, Karamarko hold another round of talks

"Talks between Oreskovic and potential candidates will start as of Monday and their names will be made public once an agreement has been reached," Petrov told reporters after his meeting with...

HDZ presidency to talk ministers Monday

"We will start discussing tomorrow which ministries will be under the control of Bridge and which under the control of the Patriotic Coalition. At the same time we will propose to prime minister...

Bridge: Agreement on six ministries reached in principle

Bridge has been demanding six ministries since the start of the talks with the Patriotic Coalition -- the environment protection, justice, agriculture, economy, administration and the interior,...

Karamarko: It's in everyone's interest for best candidates to be selected

"We are seeking experts and at the moment Croatia deserves the best," Karamarko told reporters after he had met with Prime Minister-Designate Tihomir Oreskovic and Zagreb University Chancellor...