Minimum wage

Minimum wage in 2017 set at HRK 3,276

The Croatian government on Thursday set the minimum wage in 2017 at a gross amount of HRK 3,276 and reduced the membership fee in tourism boards by 5%.

Employers against raising minimum wage to HRK 3,800

After meeting with Labour and Pension Minister Tomislav Coric on Wednesday Croatian Employers' Association (HUP) director general Davor Majetic said that employers object to a union proposal to increase the minimum wage of HRK 3,120 to HRK 3,800 as that amount was too high for some employers to cope with.

Cambodia raises garment sector minimum wage to 153 dollars

Cambodia’s Ministry of Labour raised the minimum wage from 140 dollars to 153 dollars per month in its vital garment sector to little fanfare on Thursday afternoon.

German minimum wage to rise from 8.50 to 8.84 euros

An independent German commission voted to raise the minimum hourly wage from 8.50 to 8.84 euros (9.40-9.78 dollars) on Tuesday.

Minimum wage for 2016 increased by 3 pct

The nearly 3% rise also increases the share of minimum wage in the average gross salary paid from January to September 2015 to 38.8%.