Mine removal expert killed near Okucani

A mine removal expert was killed in the area of Okucani, some 130 kilometres southwest of Zagreb, on Wednesday morning.  

Roadside mines claim eight lives in Afghanistan

Two separate roadside mine blasts killed eight civilians in Afghanistan on Monday, officials said.

Roadside mine kills 11 family members in northern Afghanistan

Eleven family members were killed when their car hit a roadside mine in northern Afghanistan, an official said Friday.

Russian coal mining disaster leaves 36 miners, rescuers dead

Thirty-six people are dead after Russia's worst coal mining accident in years, with authorities saying Sunday that they have abandoned rescue efforts in the northern town of Vorkuta.

Russian government: 36 dead in mine collapse and rescue effort

The Russian government on Sunday confirmed a death toll of 36 in a coal mine collapse and a subsequent rescue effort in the northern town of Vorkuta.

New explosion in Russian mine kills six, 26 others likely dead

A second explosion in a coal mine in northern Russia killed six rescue workers on Sunday during an effort to free 26 miners trapped when the same mine collapsed earlier this week.