Milorad Dodik

Trump administration upholds sanctions against Dodik

The new US administration has upheld the sanctions against Bosnian Serb entity President Milorad Dodik, imposed in January for obstructing the Dayton Peace Agreement and organising an illegal referendum last September, according to an updated list which the US Department of the Treasury published on Tuesday.

Bosnia Serb and Croat leaders seek to change Const. Court setup

Dragan Covic, the Croat member of the Bosnia and Herzegovina Presidency, and Milorad Dodik, the president of the country's Serb entity of Republika Srpska (RS), said on Thursday they would continue their close cooperation and would encourage amendments to the law on the Constitutional Court.

Dodik, Krajisnik glorify creation of Bosnian Serb entity

Convicted war criminal Momcilo Krajisnik and Republika Srpska (RS) President Milorad Dodik unveiled in Banja Luka on Wednesday a memorial plaque honouring Nikola Koljevic, the wartime vice president of RS, the Bosnian Serb entity.

Bosnia Presidency chair suspected of disrepecting Cons. Court ruling

Bosnia and Herzegovina Presidency Chairman Mladen Ivanic, who is the Serb representative in the tripartite body, was questioned on Tuesday by prosecutorial authorities as part of a probe into events commemorating the controversial Republika Srpska (RS) Day on January 9.

Bosnia bothered by question if Serb entity's PM and Dodik wife were at Trump inauguration?

The prime minister in the Serb-populated entity of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Zeljka Cvijanovic, and the entity president Milorad Dodik's wife Snjezana took a photo of themselves outside Captiol Hill during the inauguration of America's new president Donald Trump on Friday, and sent it to media in a bid to persuade the public in Bosnia and Herzegovina that they had attended the ceremony.

Dodik says will request lifting of US sanctions against him

Republika Srpska President Milorad Dodik has said he will ask the new US administration to withdraw a decision on financial sanctions against him and that he is not obstructing the Dayton peace agreement, but has not ruled out the possibility of a referendum on a peaceful separation from Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Bosnian Presidency chair suspected over Serb entity referendum

The Bosnian State Prosecutor's Office said on Thursday that three Serb officials, Presidency Chairman Mladen Ivanic, Foreign Minister Mirko Sarovic, and Serb entity Prime Minister Zeljka Cvijanovic, were suspected for organising an unlawful referendum on the day of the entity, Republika Srpska.

Bosnian foreign minister says Dodik's attacks on US ambassador unreasonable

Bosnia and Herzegovina Foreign Minister Igor Crnadak on Thursday dismissed as unreasonable calls by Republika Srpska President Milorad Dodik to declare US Ambassador Maureen Cormack a persona non grata after the US administration imposed sanctions against Dodik.

U.S. Ambassador: Sanctions imposed on Dodik due to his secessionist intentions

Sanctions imposed on Republika Srpska President Milorad Dodik have become unavoidable because of his secessionist aspirations and unrelenting violations of the Dayton Peace Accords, the U.S Ambassador to Bosnia and Herzegovina,  Maureen Cormack,  said on Wednesday.

Security minister warns situation in Bosnia "drastically complicated"

Bosnia and Herzegovina's Minister of Security Dragan Mektic on Wednesday warned that the situation in his country was becoming "drastically" complicated and that all available measures need to be urgently taken to prevent the spreading of a warmongering rhetoric, adding that Republika Srpska (RS) president Milorad Dodik was the most to blame for this situation.

Dodik lashes out at US ambassador, expects Trump's support

Republika Srpska President Milorad Dodik on Wednesday lashed out at the US Ambassador in Sarajevo, Maureen Cormack, saying that she was the only one to blame for his being placed on the US black list of persons responsible for violating the Dayton peace agreement.

Bosnian media: Dodik "finally" under sanctions

The news that Republika Srpska President Milorad Dodik has been placed under US sanctions for defying rulings of Bosnia and Herzegovina's Constitutional Court made the headlines in all the dailies in the country on Wednesday, saying that this move could have far-reaching consequences.

US imposes sanctions on Bosnian Serb leader for obstructing Dayton agreement

The United States has imposed sanctions on Republika Srpska President Milorad Dodik for obstructing the Dayton peace agreement which ended the 1992-1995 war in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the US Embassy in Sarajevo confirmed in a statement circulated to media on Tuesday evening.

Bosniak presidency member announces investigation into Banja Luka troop review

The Bosniak member of the Bosnia and Herzegovina Presidency, Bakir Izetbegovic, on Monday announced an investigation into the review of the country's army personnel in Banja Luka as part of the unconstitutional Republika Srpska Day celebrations, adding that all those who violated the law would be punished.

Parade held in Banja Luka to celebrate self-proclaimed Republika Srpska Day

Several hundred Bosnian Serb police officers, firemen, civil protection personnel and war veterans paraded through central Banja Luka on Monday as part of ceremonies marking January 9 as Republika Srpska Day.

Dodik: No one can keep RS in today's Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bosnia and Herzegovina will be able to survive only if all powers given to it as a state two decades ago are returned to its two entities, the President of the Bosnian Serb entity of Republika Srpska (RS), Milorad Dodik, said on Monday before the start of ceremonies marking January 9, the day of the Serb entity, which the Constitutional Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina has declared unconstitutional.

Dodik accuses NATO of interfering in Bosnia's internal matters

Republika Srpska President Milorad Dodik accused NATO on Sunday of conspiracy against Serbs and said Bosnian Serbs would resolutely oppose attempts to make Bosnia and Herzegovina join the alliance.

Dodik says isn't scrapping idea of Bosnian Serb entity's independence

Republika Srpska (RS) President Milorad Dodik has said he will not give up the idea of the Serb entity's separation from Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) and that this project will be realised when conditions are met, Bosnian media reported on Friday.

Republika Srpska gov't proclaims Jan 9 entity public holiday

The government of Republika Srpska (RS), the Serb entity in Bosnia and Herzegovina, has adopted a decision proclaiming January 9 as a public holiday in the entity, the RS Ministry of Labour and Local Self-Government confirmed on Tuesday.

Dodik questioned in Sarajevo over unconstitutional referendum

After months of stalling, Republika Srpska President Milorad Dodik was questioned at the Bosnian State Prosecutor's Office in Sarajevo on Friday in connection with the organisation of an anti-constitutional referendum on the Bosnian Serb entity's day.

Dodik announces celebrations on 9 Jan. despite court's ban

Bosnian Serb leader Milorad Dodik has said that 9 January will be marked in Banja Luka with a high-profile celebration and a parade of local police officers, despite the fact that in 2015 Bosnia and Herzegovina's Constitutional Court declared that holiday of the Serb entity to be in contravention to the Constitution, and nullified a referendum held by the local authorities in Serb-populated areas this past September on that topic.

US concerned about Dodik's behaviour

The United States takes seriously any attempt to subvert the Dayton peace agreement and is therefore concerned about the actions and statements of Republika Srpska (RS) President Milorad Dodik, the US Embassy in Sarajevo said in a press release on Tuesday.

Dodik insults Inzko, threatens to expel foreign judges

The President of the Bosnian Serb entity of Republika Srpska (RS), Milorad Dodik, on Monday again strongly criticised representatives of the international community in Bosnia and Herzegovina, saying that they were encouraging pressure on local Serbs and threatening their rights.

Dodik wants to step up cooperation with Chinese Communist Party

Republika Srpska President Milorad Dodik said on Sunday the Bosnian Serb entity and his Alliance of Independent Social Democrats (SNSD) party would step up relations with the Chinese Communist Party, saying this was the best way to attract Chinese investments.

Police question Bosnian Serb leader for negating Srebrenica genocide

President of the Bosnian Serb entity (RS) Milorad Dodik was questioned by police on Wednesday with regard to charges filed against him for negating the Srebrenica genocide, Dodik's office has confirmed.

Investigators question Serb entity referendum commission chair

The chairman of a commission which organised an unlawful referendum in the Bosnian Serb entity on September 25 was interviewed at the Office of the Chief State Prosecutor in Sarajevo as part of a previously launched investigation, and after the questioning he confirmed that he was a suspect in the case together with Republika Srpska President Milorad Dodik.

Dodik to abandon EU path if Bosnian Serb entity sanctioned for referendum

The President of Bosnia and Herzegovina's Serb entity Republika Srpska, Milorad Dodik, on Friday threatened that the entity would abandon the country's European integration if the European Union attempts to introduce any penalties in the wake of the unconstitutional September referendum in the entity which questioned the authority of the Bosnian Constitutional Court.

Bosnia's chief prosecutor suspended for abuse of office

Goran Salihovic has been suspended as Bosnia and Herzegovina's chief prosecutor pending completion of disciplinary proceedings launched against him on suspicion of abuse of office and powers, the High Judicial and Prosecutorial Council decided on Wednesday.

Dodik says will comply with summons, but not in Sarajevo

The President of the Bosnian Serb entity of Republika Srpska, Milorad Dodik, on Tuesday said an investigation launched into him over an anti-constitutional referendum on the day of this entity was "a farce", adding however that he would comply with the summons for questioning, but not in Sarajevo, where his "life is in danger."

Dodik summoned for questioning over referendum

The president of the Bosnian Serb entity of Republika Srpska, Milorad Dodik, has been summoned for questioning by the Bosnia and Herzegovina State Prosecutor's Office, as part of an investigation into organising an illegal referendum held in this entity on 25 September, the Banja Luka-based media reported on Monday.

Bosniak leader: Dodik to face consequences of unlawful referendum

Bosnia and Herzegovina's collective presidency chairman, Bakir Izetbegovic, who is the Bosnian Muslim leader, said on Sunday that Bosnian Serb entity president Milorad Dodik and others engaged in the holding of the unlawful referendum on the entity's holiday would have to face the consequences of that "anti-constitutional and illegal act".

Serb entity conducting referendum despite court ban

Polling stations throughout the Serb-dominated areas in Bosnia and Herzegovina opened at 7 am Sunday for a referendum vote on whether residents of the Serb entity are in favour of celebrating the entity day on 9 January, despite the state-level Constitutional Court's decision to declare the holiday illegal and despite the court's recent ban on the referendum.

Bosnian Serbs hold controversial referendum

Bosnia's Srpska Republic is set to vote Sunday on a controversial referendum that could spark renewed conflict between Serbs and other ethnic groups.

Bosnian Serb entity referendum to be held Sunday, situation increasingly tense

A referendum will be held in the Serb-dominated part of Bosnia and Herzegovina on Sunday in which voters in that entity will decide whether they want January 9 to continue to be marked as an entity holiday, and referendum plans have caused the biggest political crisis in the country since the end of the war in 1995, eliciting warnings about possible armed conflicts.

Putin disinterested in Serb entity referendum

Bosnian Serb leader Milorad Dodik said on Thursday that Russian President Vladimir Putin supported efforts to maintain stability in the Western Balkans as well as the Dayton peace agreement, but that they did not have any special discussions about a referendum to be held in the Bosnian Serb entity of Republika Srpska on September 25.

Bosnian Constitutional Court temporarily bans Serb entity referendum

The Constitutional Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina on Saturday dismissed a motion by the Serb entity's government that the Court reconsider its decision to contest the entity's decision to observe January 9 as its day, and temporarily banned a referendum which the entity plans to hold on September 25.

Serbian PM calls on Bosnian Serb entity to defuse tensions

Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic on Sunday called on the authorities of Republika Srpska (RS), the Bosnian Serb entity, to defuse tensions and work on keeping the peace.

Bosnian state court upholds ban to RS authorities to use electoral roll for referendum

The Appeals Chamber of the State Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina on Thursday upheld a decision of the State Electoral Commission (SIP) to reject the request of the authorities of the Bosnian Serb entity to forward the electoral roll to them which they intended to use for a referendum planned for 25 September on the issue of the entity's national day, local media reported.

Bosnian Serb leader says won't back out of referendum

The referendum planned for 25 September on the issue of the Bosnian Serb entity's national holiday, will be held as planned, the President of the Republic of Srpska, Milorad Dodik, said on Friday.

Serbia's top officials don't support Bosnian Serb entity referendum

In a joint press release, Nikolic and Vucic said that "Serbia, despite certain differences in viewing the situation in the region, will always support the Serb people, the citizens of Republika Srpka and its institutions."

Serb entity authorities denied access to voter register

Bosnian Serb authorities will be denied access to the central voter register which is necessary for their plan to hold the referendum set for September 25, the Central Election Commission (SIP) of Bosnia and Herzegovina said on Thursday.

Serbian PM disappointed with Dodik's referendum statements

Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic said on Thursday he regretted that Bosnian Serb political leaders had already adopted decisions on a referendum in the Republika Srpska entity and made them public, contrary to agreements, and that a meeting due in Belgrade today "might be skipped" because of that.

Dodik says Sept 25 referendum won't be cancelled

The President of the Bosnian Serb entity of Republika Srpska (RS), Milorad Dodik, said on Wednesday that the referendum the entity authorities planned to hold on September 25 would be organised regardless of all the controversy surrounding it and that another one, on the secession of that entity from Bosnia and Herzegovina was possible.  

PIC ambassadors to decide on Bosnian Serb entity referendum

Izetbegovic recalled that Dodik's SNSD party adopted a declaration on 25 April 2015 which said that if the political situation did not unfold in line with their expectations, the RS parliament should call a referendum in 2018 on the independence of the Serb entity.

Izetbegovic to ask Const. Court to ban Serb entity referendum set for 25 Sept.

Regarding the issue of the referendum in the Serb entity, Bosnian Croat leader Dragan Covic was on Tuesday more reserved in his remarks, adding that court judgements should not be contested but also that referenda should not be banned.

Plans for Sept referendum in Serb entity fuel political conflicts in Bosnia

The situation in Bosnia and Herzegovina has deteriorated in recent months and that will have not only political but also economic repercussions, the Austrian ambassador to that country said in an interview with a local daily.

Izetbegovic says Dodik has crossed the red line

The Chairman of the Bosnian collective Presidency, Bakir Izetbegovic (Bosniak), on Tuesday assessed that president of the Republika Srpska (RS)

Bosnian Serb leaders warn of new political crisis because of census

The publication of the results of the population census in Bosnia and Herzegovina, which is expected by July 1, might throw the country into a new political crisis, two Bosnian Serb political leaders said in Banja Luka on Thursday.

Bosnian Serb leaders opposed to renewing lawsuit against Serbia

"I am confident that it would be better for us all in Bosnia and Herzegovina to start cooperating rather than renew old charges or bring new ones," Crnadak said.

Dodik says ICTY ruling contributes to divisions

"Those were their personal decisions and there can be absolutely no consequences for Republika Srpska," Dodik told Radio Belgrade.

Bosnian Serb president opens student dormitory named after indicted war criminal

"With this move we give our support to the man who put his signature for the construction of the university in East Sarajevo. We hope that the outcome of the trial will be satisfactory. I am glad that his wife and daughter are here, because he deserves it,"

Serb entity president defends Karadzic ahead of sentencing hearing

Dodik made the statement ahead of a sentencing hearing The Hague-based International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY) is to hold in the Karadzic case on March 24.

Bosnia can take 2,000 refugees at the most

It is estimated, however, that some refugees arriving in Serbia could attempt to continue on route to the West by crossing through Bosnia and Herzegovina at the Trebinje crossing in the south of the country and at Bijeljina in the north.

Vucic, Dodik announce stronger Serbia-Bosnian Serb entity relations

Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic said in Bosanski Samac, Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) on Saturday that his government respected BiH's territorial integrity but announced the further strengthening of the special relations with BiH's Serb entity, ...

Dodik says hasn't given up on referendum, vote to be held in March or April

"The referendum will be held. All procedures have been completed and we are discussing a date, in March or April," Dodik told the Belgrade-based commercial TV station Pink.

Vucic says Serbia to continue supporting Bosnian Serb entity

Speaking at a ceremony on the occasion of RS Day, observed today, Vucic said he came to RS capital Banja Luka to convey "genuine support to RS and its citizens" and that "there will be no barriers between RS and Serbia ever again."

Bosnian Serbs start marking illegal holiday, Bosniaks indignant

Their attempt actually ushered in the war that ravaged Bosnia and Herzegovina until the conclusion of the Dayton peace accords in 1995.

Dodik claims Republika Srpska is a state

 "Republika Srpska was formed as a state on January 9 and it will continue to build its state-building character," he was quoted as saying.

Izetbegovic: Vucic's conduct contradicts promise of peace policy

The SDA official and a member of the Bosnia-Herzegovina tripartite presidency accuses the current Bosnian Serb leader Milorad Dodik of being the strong proponent of that policy.

Bosnian state court cautions RS for violating constitution

RS parliament's decision came in the wake of several arrests of Bosnian Serbs suspected of war crimes and in the process SIPA searched a police station in Bosanski Novi.

Pupovac tries to move Bosnian Serbs with Croatia's citizenship to the polls

"We are continually cooperating and meeting and putting together an agenda of important issues," Dodik told reporters after the meeting with Pupovac.