Milan Bandic

Minority MP accuses Bandic of manipulating Roma community

Kajtazi recalled that a part of City Assembly members walked out of the session in protest at the decision, doubting its real purpose.

Former Labour Party member to run on Bandic-Cacic coalition slate

A former member of the Labour Party, Nensi Tireli, will run in the September 11 parliamentary election as an independent candidate on the coalition slate of Milan Bandic and Radimir Cacic.

Zagreb mayor's coalition presents election platform

The Coalition for the Prime Minister presented its election platform in Knin on Wednesday, saying it consisted of five foundations for success, ten main guidelines and ten key decisions.

Bandic's political party, several other parties sign coalition agreement

The agreement was signed by the parties' leaders Milan Bandic, Radimir Cacic, Ljubo Jurcic, Jurica Soic and Milivoj Spika.

Reformist Party led by Cacic opts for coalition with Bandic party

The Reformist Party will run in the upcoming early parliamentary election with the party of Zagreb Mayor Milan Bandic and other minor centrist parties in order to better use the potential of the...

Ethnic minorities mark their day in Zagreb

The City of Zagreb on Sunday organised an event marking the day of 22 ethnic minorities that live in the Croatia capital, and representatives of 18 minorities joined in the event.

Bandic, Rusak, GONG talk government crisis

Independent MP Gordana Rusak said she was for solving the current situation as soon as possible and that a new election was perhaps the best option.

Deputy PM says statements about gov't reshuffle attempt to destabilise it

Deputy Prime Minister and Bridge party chief Bozo Petrov on Tuesday described the statement by Milan Bandic, leader of a junior party in the ruling coalition, regarding a government reshuffle as...

Bandic gives ultimatum to gov't to launch projects

The leader of the Bandic Milan 365 - Labour and Solidarity Party, Milan Bandic, on Saturday gave the ruling coalition three months to propose specific projects or his party would initiate a...

Court excludes all secret recordings from case against Zagreb mayor

The court excluded the said material following a motion by defence attorneys for Bandic and the other accused.

Conflict of Interest Commission fines Zagreb mayor HRK 30,000

"We are not contesting his right to change the relevant rules, but he used his powers to change them so that his party could obtain a certain benefit in a period that is not considered a pre-...

Croatia to mark 100th anniversary of recognition of Islam

Various events will be held in areas of Croatia with sizeable Muslim communities to mark this anniversary and Zagreb will be the venue of a tolerance concert that will be held in the Vatroslav...

Reformists open for talks, Bandic backs candidate for PM-designate

"We are open to talks in any form and if we end up in the Opposition, we will be a constructive one," said Cacic who is the only elected deputy of his party.

Court decision on indictment against Bandic not before mid-2016

Only in the case that the indictment is upheld will a preparatory hearing be convened to determine a trial date.

Zagreb Mayor and 15 others indicted

Bandic and the others are indicted for abuse of position and powers, influence peddling, tax evasion, customs fraud, obstruction of evidence, forging official or business documents,