Vatican places migrants' boat in 2016 Christmas Nativity scene

The European migration crisis features at the centre of the Vatican's Christmas Nativity scene this year, in a display that will be inaugurated at the Vatican's St Peter's Square on Friday.

Frankfurt airport test-runs new automatic immigration system

Frankfurt airport was testing out a new automatic immigration system on Thursday, the first time such a system has been tried out in Germany.

Merkel's CDU gets tough on migration, taking aim at dual citizenship

Chancellor Angela Merkel's conservative Christian Democrats (CDU) want to sharpen up Germany's migrant rules with a call for limiting dual citizenship and for German to be recognized as the...

Report: Rohingya crisis has forced thousands to Bangladesh

Nearly 21,000 Rohingya Muslims have fled to Bangladesh amid a renewed wave of violence in Myanmar's Rakhine state, the International Organisation for Migration (IOM) said on Tuesday.

Two migrants die in Austria while hiding in freight train

Two migrants have died in Austria while hiding in a goods train, police said on Saturday.

Suspects incriminate local German politician in refugee home arson

Two out of six people accused of an arson attack on a building earmarked for use by refugees admitted guilt in a German court on Thursday, in the process accusing a town councillor of being the...

Merkel's Bavarian ally demands refugee limit as elections loom

The leader of Bavaria’s Christian Social Union (CSU) has made continuing support for Chancellor Angela Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union (CDU) dependent on the creation of an annual limit of 200...

Report: Eight arrested over anti-refugee violence in German town

German prosecutors have arrested eight suspected founders of a right-wing terrorist organization in Freital, a town in eastern Germany that has become known for a series of far-right attacks...

Eight charged in Hungary for deaths of 71 migrants in lorry

Hungarian prosecutors said Wednesday that they will charge eight people for the death of 71 migrants who suffocated to death in a lorry last year as they were being smuggled toward Western Europe...

Britain drops plan to publish lists of firms' foreign staff

The British government has dropped a plan to publish lists of firms' foreign staff, a minister said on Sunday following widespread criticism of the plan.

Turkish minister warns Aleppo conflict can displace 1 million people

Turkey's EU affairs minister warned Friday that conflict in Aleppo in neighbouring Syria could displace 1 million people.

Germans attack group of foreigners in northern town of Schwerin

Around 30 Germans attacked a group of foreigners at an outdoor tram station late Friday in the northern German town of Schwerin, where repeated confrontations between migrants and locals have led...

North German mayor attacked over plans to establish home for refugees

The mayor of a town in northern Germany was knocked unconscious by an unknown assailant, apparently due to his plans to establish a refugee home in the local area, police said Friday.

Germany investigates officers who shot dead Iraqi refugee in Berlin

German authorities are investigating three officers who shot dead an Iraqi resident of a Berlin refugee centre as he was trying to stab another resident, officials said Wednesday.

33 bodies recovered as Egypt migrant boat raised, taking toll to 202

Rescue workers have retrieved 15 additional bodies from the migrant vessel that sank off the coast of Egypt last week, an official said Tuesday, taking the toll to 193.