Trump's wall threatens rich wildlife along US-Mexican border

A continuous wall of the kind planned along the US-Mexican border could be an impenetrable barrier for many wild animals already affected by existing fences.

Italy deports two over suspected contact with Berlin attacker

Italy has deported two Tunisian asylum seekers who have been classed as a danger to national security, the Interior Ministry in Rome said on Saturday.

Hollywood stars in rally for immigrants' rights and press freedom

Hollywood stars Jodie Foster and Michael J. Fox headlined a rally in Beverly Hills Friday to show their support for the rights of immigrants and call for freedom of the press to be upheld.

Trump administration opens door for mass deportations

The US Department of Homeland Security laid the groundwork Tuesday for mass deportations of immigrants living illegally in the United States under an executive order by President Donald Trump last month.

German state approves full-face veil ban

Legislation that bans face veils in select public spaces and situations was agreed by the government of the southeastern German state of Bavaria on Tuesday.

Italian cops bust ring giving fake EU papers to 'enormous number'

Police said Monday they had busted a criminal ring that sold fake work papers to thousands of immigrants, allowing them to obtain Italian residency permits and access to the rest of the European Union.

Swiss rightists defeated as voters back faster naturalization process

Young people whose grandparents migrated to Switzerland will get faster and easier access to Swiss citizenship, the country's voters decided on Sunday.

Speedy return home for rejected asylum seekers core of German plan

The German federal government and the leaders of its 16 states have agreed upon a plan to hasten deportation of rejected asylum applicants, said German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Thursday.

Trump blasts 'disgraceful' arguments against immigration order

US President Donald Trump complained Wednesday that legal arguments being made against his policy to limit immigration and refugee arrivals were "disgraceful," even as a federal appeals court weighed the president's halted executive order.

Report: German migration agency sees no mistake in Berlin attack case

Germany's immigration authority committed no errors when it allowed Berlin Christmas market attacker Anis Amri to seek asylum, even though it knew about his multiple aliases and criminal background, says the agency's head.

Japan's own refugee controversy stops it from criticizing Trump's ban

US President Donald Trump's travel ban was met with stinging international criticism. But Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has been silent, largely because Tokyo has done very little for refugees.

Asylum seeker in Germany with seven IDs cons his way to 22,000 euros

A Sudanese man who used fake identities to defraud the German state of nearly 22,000 euros (23,600 dollars) was handed on Monday a suspended prison sentence of one year and nine months.

Trump vows "strong programmes" to vet immigrants

The US needs "strong programmes" to vet would-be immigrants and refugees, says President Donald Trump as a legal challenge to his executive order suspending the refugee programme and banning travelers from seven Muslim-majority nations winds its way through the courts.

States tell US court that restoring travel ban will 'unleash chaos'

The legal fight surrounding President Donald Trump's controversial immigration order resumed Monday, with two states telling an appeals court that restoring his travel ban would "unleash chaos."

Federal appeals court to review request to restore Trump's travel ban

The legal fight over President Donald Trump's travel ban resumes Monday when a US federal appeals court considers written arguments from both sides.

Court rejects Trump move to immediately restore suspended travel ban

A San Francisco court has rejected a motion by the US Justice Department to immediately reinstate US President Donald Trump's controversial travel ban.

German president: Trump's entry ban "unworthy" of the US

German President Joachim Gauck sharply criticized US President Donald Trump's entry ban for citizens from seven Muslim-majority countries, and expressed sympathy for protesters in the United States.

Swiss voters on the fence ahead of poll on higher corporate taxes

The Swiss government wants to raise taxes for international corporations, but voters are split on the plan that will be decided in a referendum next week, according to polls that were published on Wednesday.

UAE: US immigrant ban does not target specific religion

The United Arab Emirates' top diplomat said Wednesday a recent order by US President Donald Trump to temporarily bar entry to citizens of seven Muslim-majority nations does not target a certain religion.

Germany's Merkel in Sweden for talks on EU, migration and Brexit

German Chancellor Angela Merkel arrived Tuesday in Sweden for talks with Prime Minister Stefan Lofven that were expected to centre on migration, job creation and Britain's exit from the EU.

Nigeria hunger crisis leaves 'hundreds of thousands at risk of dying'

The weakest are already dead. Children and the elderly have disappeared from villages because of a hunger crisis in north-eastern Nigeria. Desperation could soon prompt thousands to flee to Europe.

Turkish deputy premier: "Not possible to accept" US immigration ban

The new US immigration policy imposed by President Donald Trump is something that cannot be accepted, Turkey's deputy prime minister said in comments published by HaberTurk newspaper on Tuesday.

Passengers turned away at Istanbul airport after US travel ban

Confusion and surges of chaos have risen in recent days at Istanbul's Ataturk international airport as authorities moved to cope with a US travel ban imposed over the weekend that affects refugees and the citizens of seven Muslim-majority countries.

German population at record high after refugee influx

Germany had a population of nearly 83 million at the end of 2016 - the highest in the country's history - due to an influx of refugees, the Federal Statistics Office Destatis said on Friday.

Mexican president condemns Trump's border wall order

Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto late Wednesday slammed his US counterpart Donald Trump's decision to order a barrier to be built along the length of the Mexican border.

Trump signs order to begin border wall construction

US President Donald Trump signed an order Wednesday to push forward the construction of a wall along the Mexican border as he advances his campaign pledges to crack down on illegal immigration.

What are Trump's plans for the US-Mexican border?

US President Donald Trump has long promised to construct a wall along the US-Mexican border, around a third of which is currently secured by fences and blockades.

Trump expected to order building of Mexican border wall

US President Donald Trump is expected to order the building of a wall along the Mexican border on Wednesday, fulfilling one of his key campaign pledges.

Reports: 170 people killed by Nigerian airstrike on refugee camp

As many as 170 people were killed by an accidental military airstrike on a refugee camp in north-east Nigeria, aid organization Doctors without Borders (MSF) said Friday.

Nigeria "accidentally bombed" civilians in north-east, president says

Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari said his military "accidentally bombed" civilians in the country's north-east on Tuesday after an aid organization said 52 people were killed in a Nigerian airstrike on a refugee camp.

MSF: Nigerian airstrike on refugee camp leaves 52 dead, 120 wounded

At least 52 people were killed and 120 wounded after a Nigerian military airstrike on a refugee camp in the country's north-east, aid organization Doctors without Borders (MSF) said Tuesday.

Slovenians favour stronger border controls

Eighty-six percent of Slovenian citizens justify the government's decision to upgrade border controls due to a possible new wave of migration, while only 22% oppose the bill intended to reduce the number of approvals of asylum applications, Monday's issue of the Ljubljana Delo daily said reporting on the results of a survey.

Video: Building worker praises refugee shelter fire with "Sieg Heil!"

German prosecutors on Thursday launched an investigation into a video showing a building worker sent to inspect the firebombing of a refugee home apparently praising those who carried out the attack.

Thousands of migrants freeze along Balkan route, aid group says

Thousands of migrants in Greece and in the Balkans are suffering under the current freezing temperatures as local authorities have failed to prepare emergency measures, Doctors Without Borders (MSF) said Monday.

Afghans suspected of molesting women on New Years' Eve in Austria

A group of six Afghans are suspected of having sexually harassed a number of women in Innsbruck on New Year's Eve, the city's police chief said Monday.

Greek, Italian mayors share Palme Prize for assisting migrants

Two mayors in Greece and Italy were Monday named co-winners of the 2016 Olof Palme Prize for their "inspiring leadership" in assisting "fellow human beings fleeing from war, terror, and misery."

Sweden convicts five Afghan teens of raping Afghan minor

A Swedish court Friday convicted five Afghan teenagers of raping an Afghan minor, but rejected the prosecution's request that they be deported after serving their sentences.

Italy violated migrants' rights, European Court of Human Rights says

Italy violated the rights of migrants held on Lampedusa and in ships near Palermo by detaining them without clear and accessible legal basis, the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) said Thursday.

Vatican places migrants' boat in 2016 Christmas Nativity scene

The European migration crisis features at the centre of the Vatican's Christmas Nativity scene this year, in a display that will be inaugurated at the Vatican's St Peter's Square on Friday.

Frankfurt airport test-runs new automatic immigration system

Frankfurt airport was testing out a new automatic immigration system on Thursday, the first time such a system has been tried out in Germany.

Merkel's CDU gets tough on migration, taking aim at dual citizenship

Chancellor Angela Merkel's conservative Christian Democrats (CDU) want to sharpen up Germany's migrant rules with a call for limiting dual citizenship and for German to be recognized as the national language in the country's constitution.

Report: Rohingya crisis has forced thousands to Bangladesh

Nearly 21,000 Rohingya Muslims have fled to Bangladesh amid a renewed wave of violence in Myanmar's Rakhine state, the International Organisation for Migration (IOM) said on Tuesday.

Two migrants die in Austria while hiding in freight train

Two migrants have died in Austria while hiding in a goods train, police said on Saturday.

Suspects incriminate local German politician in refugee home arson

Two out of six people accused of an arson attack on a building earmarked for use by refugees admitted guilt in a German court on Thursday, in the process accusing a town councillor of being the instigator.

Merkel's Bavarian ally demands refugee limit as elections loom

The leader of Bavaria’s Christian Social Union (CSU) has made continuing support for Chancellor Angela Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union (CDU) dependent on the creation of an annual limit of 200,000 refugees entering Germany.

Report: Eight arrested over anti-refugee violence in German town

German prosecutors have arrested eight suspected founders of a right-wing terrorist organization in Freital, a town in eastern Germany that has become known for a series of far-right attacks against asylum seekers, media reported on Monday.

Eight charged in Hungary for deaths of 71 migrants in lorry

Hungarian prosecutors said Wednesday that they will charge eight people for the death of 71 migrants who suffocated to death in a lorry last year as they were being smuggled toward Western Europe.

Britain drops plan to publish lists of firms' foreign staff

The British government has dropped a plan to publish lists of firms' foreign staff, a minister said on Sunday following widespread criticism of the plan.

Turkish minister warns Aleppo conflict can displace 1 million people

Turkey's EU affairs minister warned Friday that conflict in Aleppo in neighbouring Syria could displace 1 million people.

Germans attack group of foreigners in northern town of Schwerin

Around 30 Germans attacked a group of foreigners at an outdoor tram station late Friday in the northern German town of Schwerin, where repeated confrontations between migrants and locals have led authorities to heighten security.

North German mayor attacked over plans to establish home for refugees

The mayor of a town in northern Germany was knocked unconscious by an unknown assailant, apparently due to his plans to establish a refugee home in the local area, police said Friday.

Germany investigates officers who shot dead Iraqi refugee in Berlin

German authorities are investigating three officers who shot dead an Iraqi resident of a Berlin refugee centre as he was trying to stab another resident, officials said Wednesday.

33 bodies recovered as Egypt migrant boat raised, taking toll to 202

Rescue workers have retrieved 15 additional bodies from the migrant vessel that sank off the coast of Egypt last week, an official said Tuesday, taking the toll to 193.

Egypt jails four over deadly migrant boat sinking

Egyptian prosecutors on Thursday ordered four people to be remanded in police custody pending an investigation into the sinking of a migrant boat that left at least 42 dead, state television reported.

Death toll rises to 42 as migrant boat sinks off Egypt

A total of 30 bodies were retrieved on Wednesday after a boat carrying migrants sank off Egypt, a Health Ministry official said Wednesday.

Countries increase pledges for refugees during US-hosted UN summit

Countries pledged to increase their humanitarian spending, double the number of resettled refugees and improve refugees' access to work and school during a high-level summit on Tuesday hosted by US President Barack Obama.

Amnesty: "reject the model of abuse" from Australia on refugees

Amnesty International has criticized the Australian border control policy as "shameful," urging countries "to reject the model of abuse" that Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull is promoting, a statement said Tuesday.

Mexican president to UN: "No barrier" can stop migration

Barriers cannot stop the movement of migrants and the fusion of cultures, said Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto at the United Nations on Monday.

More rights for migrants with new deal, declares UN's Ban

Refugees and migrants will have improved rights, particularly in the areas of education and employment, if a new international agreement on migration is upheld, said UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon Monday.

German police break up brawl between right-wing extremists, migrants

German police broke up a brawl between right-wing extremists and asylum seekers overnight to Thursday in the eastern town of Bautzen, highlighting the growing unrest in Germany over the refugee policies of Chancellor Angela Merkel.

Merkel's allies tweak policy on priority for Christian migrants

The sister party of German Chancellor Angela Merkel's Christian Democrats (CDU) has tweaked its manifesto after demands to give Christian migrants priority access to the country were met with opposition and scorn.

Tusk set to ask EU leaders for help to guard Bulgaria-Turkey border

European Council President Donald Tusk said Friday that he will ask EU leaders next week to deploy guards and equipment to the border between Bulgaria and Turkey, as part of efforts to boost public confidence in the bloc.

Merkel defends refugee policies in wake of symbolic election setback

German Chancellor Angela Merkel defended her refugee policies in the face of a recent electoral setback to a right-wing party in her home state, saying Wednesday that "the situation today is many times better than it was a year ago."

Merkel ally lashes out, demands she change course on refugees

A key political ally fired a broadside at German Chancellor Angela Merkel Tuesday, saying her policies - which he blames for a humiliating weekend loss in a state election - need to be overhauled.

Hong Kong election puts asylum seekers under surprise spotlight

As Hong Kong gears up for landmark elections this Sunday, asylum seekers have found themselves the subject of unexpected - and mostly unwelcome - attention.

Trump insists Mexico will pay for wall, slams illegal immigrants

Donald Trump doubled down on his controversial hard-line policy proposals on illegal immigration and border security Wednesday in a tough-talking speech unlikely to broaden his appeal to moderate voters.

Bavaria first German state to dictate residence of asylum seekers

Bavaria has become the first German state to implement a new integration law whereby the government can dictate asylum seekers' place of residence for a period of three years.

Merkel admits Germany made mistakes that led to refugee crisis

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has admitted that Germany reacted too late to mounting evidence of a refugee crisis.

Merkel: I am also chancellor for Turks in Germany

Chancellor Angela Merkel has warned Turks living in Germany against importing the political tensions that have gripped Turkey following last month's failed military coup, and called on them to show loyalty.  

German vice chancellor turns against Merkel's optimism on migration

Germany's vice-chancellor has further distanced himself from the migration policies of coalition ally Chancellor Angela Merkel, telling German broadcaster ZDF that her party has "underestimated the challenge."

Orepic says Oreskovic held consultations before going to Germany

Caretaker Interior Minister Vlaho Orepic said on Saturday that Prime Minister Tihomir Oreskovic had consulted him about the migration and refugee issue ahead of today's meeting with German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

President says Croatian PM should have had consultations before going to Germany

President Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovic said on Friday that caretaker Prime Minister Tihomir Oreskovic should have consulted key political figures in Croatia before tomorrow's meeting with Chancellor Angela Merkel because the migration issue, which would be discussed there, was too serious "for someone to trust several foreign policy advisors."

US proposes "startup visa" for entrepreneurs

"Give me your tired, your poor" are words in the poem engraved at the base of the Statue of Liberty, but on Friday the US government sent a different message aimed at attracting entrepreneurs who already have backing from US investors.

Declining German population boosted by refugee arrivals in 2015

Last year's refugee influx helped the German population grow by 1.2 per cent to reach 82.2 million in 2015, despite the country's record-low birth rate, according to statistics released Friday.

Dubrovnik Forum panel on migrations, terrorist threats for EU held

Migrations, terrorist threats and instability along the eastern border of the European Union are the challenges that the European Union is faced with and it has to tackle them with a common policy, it was said at a panel discussion on global challenges held on Friday, during the second day of the Dubrovnik Forum.

Ex-manager of refugee home charged with rape of Syrian asylum seeker

The former manager of a refugee home has been charged with the rape of a 22-year-old Syrian asylum seeker on several occasions, a German court said Thursday.

Trump: "Not flip-flopping" on immigration policy

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump vowed Monday he was not changing course on his hardline stance against illegal immigration after questions arose over the weekend about a possible change of policy.

Questions arise about possible Trump shift on immigration

Questions were swirling Sunday about whether Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump could soon change course on one of his most foundational issues

Merkel attempts to allay terrorist fears with security boost

Chancellor Angela Merkel moved Thursday to allay fears in Germany about the threat of terrorism by setting out plans to beef up security and joining members of her party in expressing concerns about the wearing of the burqa in the nation.

Merkel says Islamic State threat in Germany predates refugee influx

Chancellor Angela Merkel dismissed suggestions that the arrival of 1.1 million migrants in Germany last year has brought Islamic State terrorism to the country.

Germany rules out deporting criminal refugees to Syria

The return of criminal Syrian refugees to their homeland is not an option, German Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere told the Sunday edition of Der Taggespiegel.

Hungary to increase police presence along its southern border

The Hungarian government plans to increase police staff numbers by 3,000 to respond to pressures of illegal migration on the country's southern borders, which is expected to become permanent, the MTI news agency quoted state secretary Bence Tuzson as saying on Wednesday.

Libyan forces claim control of Islamic State command centre in Sirte

Libyan forces aligned to a UN-backed unity government Wednesday said they had captured Islamic State's command centre in the city of Sirte, its last stronghold in the North African country.

Islamic State terrorists may hide among migrants, Libyan premier says

Islamic State terrorists may be hiding among Mediterranean boat migrants, Libyan Prime Minister Fayez Serraj warned in a Wednesday interview with Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera.

22 injured in fire at refugee accommodation in central Germany

Twenty-two residents at a home for refugees in the German state of Hesse were injured in a fire early Wednesday, a police spokesman said.

Italy arrests four people for smuggling migrants along Balkans route

Four Pakistani men who smuggled into Italy migrants seeking to enter Europe via the Balkans route have been arrested, Italy's Carabinieri police said Saturday.

Melania Trump claims she always followed US immigration rules

Melania Trump, the wife of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, said Thursday that she has always "been in full compliance" with US immigration laws after questions were raised about whether she had worked as a model during the 1990s without the proper work permits.

Sweden refuses to deport Turkish asylum seekers linked to opposition

Sweden will "for the time being" not deport Turkish asylum seekers linked to the country's political opposition in the wake of last month's attempted coup in Turkey, authorities said Wednesday.

Two men jailed over bid to smuggle 18 Albanians to Britain on dinghy

A court sentenced two British men to prison on Friday after convicting them of trying to smuggle 18 Albanian citizens from France to Britain on a small inflatable boat, a trip that prosecutors said nearly cost the migrants their lives.

Man from Ethiopia killed during clashes between migrants in France

A man from Ethiopia was killed after two brawls broke out near a migrant camp close to the northern French city of Calais early Tuesday, local officials said.

Life for paedophile who killed 2, including refugee child from Bosnia, in Germany

A German court on Tuesday handed a life sentence to a 33-year-old security guard who admitted to abducting, sexually abusing and murdering two boys

Knife-and-axe attacker had been registered on arrival in Germany

The knife-and-axe attacker who injured four train passengers and a passer-by in Germany this week had been registered by the police on his arrival in the country as a refugee, a spokesman for the Interior Ministry said Friday.

Departure lounge: When hopes for German asylum end at the airport

For the unlucky few whose asylum claims are rejected almost immediately after their arrival in Germany, a two-storey building on the grounds of Frankfurt Airport becomes their temporary boarding house.

Austria prepared to close off eastern border with 30-kilometre fence

Austria has finished preparations for a fence that would cover 30 kilometres of its 300-kilometre border with Hungary, a police spokesman has told dpa.

Doctors Without Borders: 22 dead, 209 saved in Mediterranean

Some 22 bodies have been recovered from the Mediterranean, along with 209 survivors, in a naval rescue mission run by Doctors Without Borders (MSF), the medical charity said Thursday.

German Parliament passes new refugee integration law

The law, which was passed by the lower house of German parliament, the Bundestag, also includes measures to curb benefits for those who refuse to take steps to integrate into German society.

Italian man arrested for beating to death Nigerian asylum seeker

An Italian football hooligan has been arrested and charged with murder after beating to death a Nigerian asylum seeker who reacted to racial insults against his partner, Interior Minister Angelino Alfano said Thursday.

Erdogan notes skills among Syrians as he proposes path to citizenship

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said Tuesday that he wants to grant citizenship to some Syrian refugees in the country, noting that some are highly qualified individuals.

Beyond Brexit: Migration and the other issues on the EU summit agenda

The two-day European Union summit that opened on Tuesday was focusing on Britain's historic decision to leave the bloc. But other key topics were also discussed. Here is a brief summary:

EU paves way for training of Libyan coastguard, crackdown on weapons

EU foreign ministers paved the way Monday to expand their bloc's anti-migrant smuggling operation in the Mediterranean Sea, allowing it to take on the additional tasks of training Libya's coastguard and helping to enforce a UN arms embargo.