Manuel Valls

French Socialist Benoit Hamon earns shot at presidency

Hard-left Socialist Party candidate Benoit Hamon claimed an emphatic victory in French presidential primaries on Sunday, finalizing the field of candidates who will go on to compete for the Elysee in late spring.

Left-winger and former premier top French primary

Benoit Hamon and Manuel Valls were out in front in France's nationwide primary on Sunday to choose who will be the left wing's nominee for president, with half of votes counted.

French prime minister steps down to pursue presidential bid

France's Manuel Valls stepped down as prime minister on Tuesday to pursue a bid for the presidency in elections next year, leaving the post to be filled by current Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve.

Interior Minister Cazeneuve tapped as French premier

French Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve is set to take over as the country's prime minister after the current office holder stepped down to pursue the presidency, the Elysee announced Tuesday.

Manuel Valls, France's ambitious former PM with sights set on Elysee

Ambitious is one of the words most frequently deployed to describe Manuel Valls.

France's Manuel Valls to step down as PM to pursue presidency

France's Manual Valls said Monday that he was stepping down as prime minister of the country's Socialist government and was launching a campaign to win the presidency in next year's elections.

Top French leaders fighting for Elysee not an option, says spokesman

A presidential primary contest between the top two sitting French leaders is impossible to imagine, said the French government spokesman Monday as the president and the prime minister mull bids in 2017.

French premier warns of "maximum" terror threat

The threat of a terrorist attack in France is at its highest level following a foiled car-bomb plot by three radicalized Islamist women, French Prime Minister Manuel Valls told Europe1 radio on Sunday.

France calls for recount of Gabon presidential election results

There are enough questions about the outcome of last week's Gabonese elections

French prime minister defends burkini bans, but eyes no national law

French Prime Minister Manuel Valls said in an interview published Wednesday that he understood the decisions by local mayors to ban Islam-influenced full-body swimming attire at the beach, but added that there would be no national legislation.

French premier proposes ban on mosque financing from foreign sources

French Prime Minister Manuel Valls is calling for a ban on foreign funding for mosque construction in France, days after two suspected Islamist extremists killed an 86-year-old priest in an attack on a church in Upper Normandy.

French prime minister invokes article to force through labour bill

French Prime Minister Manuel Valls invoked a constitutional article Wednesday in the lower house of parliament to force through a controversial set of labour reforms for a third time, likely paving the way for their adoption into law.

French government to bypass labour bill vote, prompting walk-out

French Prime Minister Manuel Valls announces the government will invoke a constitutional article allowing it to push through a controversial labour bill without a vote, prompting conservative lawmakers to walk out of the lower house's chamber.

France very interested in investing in Croatia, says Croatian PM

Oreskovic said there was mutual interest in investments and that Croatia's HS Produkt company mights sell France 90,000 rifles for the army and the police. "That's a EUR 300 million investment which shows that Croatia can compete globally."

French ministers assess fuel supply as premier vows to defend reform

French Prime Minister Manuel Valls vowed there would be no withdrawal of controversial labour reforms in an interview published Saturday just hours before meeting representatives of the petroleum and transport industries.

French prime minister: No withdrawal of labour reform legislation

French Prime Minister Manuel Valls vowed there would be no withdrawal of controversial labour reforms in an interview published Saturday just hours before he began meeting representatives of the petroleum and transport industries.

France reacts to Austrian far-right defeat with praise, condolences

French Prime Minister Manuel Valls welcomes victory for left-leaning Alexander Van der Bellen in Austria's presidential elections, while National Front brushes aside defeat of Norbert Hofer to underscore surge of far-right.

French government survives no-confidence vote in labour reform battle

A no-confidence vote against the French government in parliament's lower house failed to find a majority Thursday, leaving the way open for disputed labour market reforms.

French government faces no-confidence motion in labour reform battle

The French government faces a motion of no-confidence in parliament's lower house on Thursday, in a battle over disputed labour market reforms which have unleashed fierce protest from unions and youth organizations across the country.

France unwilling to take on more refugees, prime minister says

France will not take in more than 30,000 refugees, French Prime Minister Manuel Valls said at the Munich Security Conference on Saturday.

France, Belgium vow to jointly step up fight against terrorism

The prime ministers of France and Belgium vowed Monday to join forces in cracking down even harder on terrorism almost three months after deadly attacks in Paris that featured links to both of the neighbouring countries.