Malcolm Turnbull

Turnbull plays down Trump phone call spat, says refugee deal stands

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull said Friday the refugee resettlement agreement between Australia and the US would be honoured, despite President Donald Trump calling it a "dumb deal" after a reportedly hostile phone conversation between the pair.

Trump disappointed in "dumb" Australian refugee agreement

President Donald Trump is "unbelievably disappointed" in a deal struck with Australia to take hundreds of refugees from Australian-run detention facilities, the White House said Thursday, after Trump slammed the agreement as "dumb."

Trump slams 'dumb deal' with Australia on refugee resettlement

US President Donald Trump on Wednesday slammed what he called a "dumb deal" with Australia to take hundreds of refugees from Australian-run detention facilities on Nauru and Papua New Guinea's Manus Island.

Leaders, activists slam 'secrecy' of US-Australia refugee deal

Australian opposition leaders and human rights activists have heavily criticized a US-Australia deal that will decide the fate of hundreds of refugees currently languishing on Nauru and Manus islands.

Reports: Australia's refugee deal with the US still stands

US President Donald Trump has assured Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull that he will honour a one-off refugee resettlement deal between the two countries, local media have reported.

Australia 'confident' Trump will stick to refugee resettlement deal

Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull said Thursday that he is confident that the refugee resettlement deal struck last year with the US will hold under President Donald Trump.

Australia will continue pursuing trade deal, minister says

Australia is not giving up on the historic Trans-Pacific Partnership, despite US president Donald Trump withdrawing from the trade deal.

Abe strengthens military ties with Australia during Asia-Pacific tour

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe visited Australia on Saturday to meet counterpart Malcolm Turnbull to strengthen military ties and regional security while discussing the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade deal.

Offshore refugees to be banned from ever getting to Australia

Australia's government is seeking to ban for life all asylum seekers, even genuine refugees, currently held in offshore detention centres on Manus Island and Nauru, it announced Sunday.

Amnesty: "reject the model of abuse" from Australia on refugees

Amnesty International has criticized the Australian border control policy as "shameful," urging countries "to reject the model of abuse" that Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull is promoting, a statement said Tuesday.

There is no Planet B, Australian scientists tell Turnbull

More than 150 scientists have demanded that Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull urgently tackle the root causes of climate change, saying there is "no Planet B."

Rights group: Broad culture of abuse in Australian juvenile detention

Newly obtained documents reveal a culture of mistreatment and abuse in Australian juvenile detention centres that the government should urgently investigate, Amnesty International said Thursday.

Turnbull rejects calls to expand juvenile detention centre inquiry

Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull rejected calls Wednesday to expand an inquiry into the mistreatment of children in detention centres.

Turnbull gives million dollars to re-election campaign: report

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull donated a million dollars from his own pocket towards the government’s re-election campaign, a media report said Friday.

Turnbull warns against escalation in South China Sea after ruling

Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull said Wednesday it was vital that all countries involved in the South China Sea dispute abide by this week's international tribunal decision, and settle differences peacefully.

Australia's Turnbull faces anti-Muslim, diverse groups in new Senate

Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull called the election largely to try and win a clearer path to governing in the Senate. It appears his challenge has only become tougher as he now faces a diverse range of anti-Muslim, anti-gambling, pro-sex and animal rights groups.

Australian opposition leader tells Turnbull to step down

Australia's opposition leader Bill Shorten on Monday said that Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull should resign, saying, "The bloke is not up to the job."

Australia's Turnbull: "We will form a coalition majority government"

Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, who is seeking to lead the country's next government following national elections, said his party will be able to form a majority government in the next few days.

Australian vote too close to call; Turnbull-led government in limbo

Australia faces an uncertain few days after Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull's government failed to get an outright majority in the parliamentary elections.