Lora Vidovic

Ombudswoman sees non-adoption of report as political pressure

Vidovic believes that the result of the vote in parliament is confirmation that Croatia needs to continue with critical debate and propose systematic changes directed toward better human rights and suppression of discrimination.

Ombudswoman: One in five young people neither goes to school nor works

Unacceptable and discriminatory public rhetoric is still strongly present and minority rights are perceived as a threat to the majority, Vidovic said in the parliament while presenting a report on her work in 2015.

Human rights ombudswoman says most complaints in 2015 refer to courts' work

Human rights ombudswoman Lora Vidovic warned in her report for 2015 on Tuesday that citizens had the most complaints about the work of the judiciary, ...

Croatia's Lora Vidovic to chair European Network of National Human Rights Institutions

Our new role will help strengthen the protection of citizens in Croatia because efforts at resolving their problems will gain a stronger voice at international level.

33% of respondents have experienced discrimination, more than half unaware of their rights

Discrimination is prohibited by law in all EU member countries and fines for discrimination in Croatia range from 1,000 to 350,000 kuna.

Human rights ombudswoman: Croatia has shown humanitarianism and morality

She added that her branch offices cooperated with state bodies at all levels but acted independently.