Croatian writer says Declaration on Common Language not aimed at creating Yugoslav language

The Declaration on a Common Language, which states that the language used in Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Montenegro "is a common standard language of a polycentric type", was presented in Sarajevo on Thursday, with one of its initiators, Croatian writer Ivana Bodrozic, stressing that the initiative was not about the creation of a Yugoslav or Balkan language.

'Fake news' named Germany's English language import of the year

"Fake news" was named Anglicism of the Year by a German university on Tuesday in an annual effort to highlight English-language terms that have come to fill a gap in German vocabulary.

Right-wing slur "Gutmensch" named Germany's taboo word of the year

The panel of linguists, which chooses one recently popularized term each year that it considers an infringement upon democratic principles, said the word 'Gutmensch' undermined public debate in Germany.