Powder-mix food has all the needed nutrients, but where's the fun?

Compleat is a powder containing a blend of key nutrients: Just add water for a drinkable dinner, says nu3, the company which developed the new, space-age substitute for solid food.

Eyeglasses from 3-D printers are designed to perfectly match face

One-off eyeglasses, made using 3-D printing, are about to take off as a trend, thanks to smart technology that matches them to a wearer's face to give the most flattering appearance.

Netflix Socks help sleepy binge-watchers

The on-demand video-streaming service Netflix has come up with a novel idea for anyone afraid they will doze off during their favourite TV series: socks that automatically pause the show when you...

Radical feminist slogan returns as fashion motto

Celebrities such as super-model Cara Delevingne and her friends have been spotted wearing sweatshirts that read, "The Future is Female."

Breaking a glass ceiling: European designers use glass in new ways

In a world of design where it appears no frontier has not been crossed, designers often have to choose a radically new path if they want to make a mark.

Face with Tears of Joy topped emoji list in Twitter's year

The most-used emoji globally last year was one called 'Face with Tears of Joy,' which was posted 6.5 billion times on Twitter alone, suggesting uncontrollable laughter is what we crave.