Same-sex couples in Slovenia can marry

A Slovenian law allowing same-sex couples to marry went into force on Friday and the first civil registrar ceremony, between two women, is to take place in Maribor on Saturday, the town's Vecer daily said.

Trump administration reverses transgender bathroom protections

The Trump administration on Wednesday withdrew Obama-era guidance about the use of school and university bathrooms by transgender students, local media reported.

Pakistani TV channel in hot water for airing film about lesbians

Pakistan's state media watchdog has warned a private TV channel for airing a film on the relationship between two lesbians, saying it was against the "social, ethical and societal norms of the country."

Italian lawmakers, rights activists clash over gay sex club scandal

Gay rights activists and conservative politicians clashed Tuesday after the chief of Italy's anti-discrimination office quit over allegations that money had been authorized for gay sex clubs.

Gay rights activists protest Church of England 'homophobia'

Gay rights campaigners gathered outside the Church of England synod in London on Wednesday to protest a report which "defends heterosexual superiority."

LGBTIQ activists rally in Zagreb after night club incident

About a thousand protesters gathered in central Zagreb on Monday evening for a rally in support of LGBTIQ rights after a tear gas was thrown in a night club during an LGBTIQ party this weekend.

Zagreb Pride to hold rally against rising anti-LGBT sentiment

The Zagreb Pride nongovernmental organisation on Monday warned that violence and anti-LGBT sentiment were on the rise in Croatia, which was why it would stage a protest rally in downtown Zagreb in the afternoon.

 Queer Zagreb joins in condemnation of night club incident

Queer Zagreb, a nongovernmental organisation, on Monday warned that the incident in which several people were injured after a tear gas canister was set off at an LGBTIQ party in a Zagreb night club in the early hours of Sunday, was one in a series of attacks prompted by hatred.

Croatian government strongly condemns incident at LGTBIQ party

The government has strongly condemned an incident that occurred in Zagreb in the early hours of Sunday when an unidentified person set off a tear gas canister at an LGTBIQ party in a night club.

LGBTIQ party in Zagreb attacked with tear gas

Several people were injured after a tear gas canister was set off at an LGBTIQ party in a Zagreb night club in the early hours of Sunday, the police said.

75 pct of LGBTI workers experience discrimination or abuse

The findings of a project survey on LGBTI equality in the workplace show that as many as 75.1% of 435 Croatian LGBTI respondents have experienced some form of discrimination, harassment and/or abuse, with 61% exposed to homophobic comments and 8% suffering sextortion or rape.

Lesbian, women's associations urge PM to prevent appointment of Ilcic as advisor

The lesbian association Kontra and the Croatian Women's Network on Monday sent an open letter to Prime Minister Andrej Plenkovic following media reports that former member of Parliament and Hrast party leader Ladislav Ilcic could be appointed an advisor to Foreign Minister Davor Ivo Stier, asking him to prevent his appointment thus preventing "the further erosion of standards of human rights protection in Croatia."

Norway approves new liturgy for same-sex church marriages

The Church of Norway on Monday approved a new liturgy for all church marriages including same-sex weddings, following last year's decision by the country's largest religious denomination to approve same-sex weddings in church.

Sri Lanka drops proposal to decriminalize homosexuality

Sri Lanka has dropped a proposal to decriminalize homosexuality following protests, a senior cabinet minister said Wednesday.

Croatian culture ministry withholds financial support for Zagreb Pride

The Zagreb Pride organisation said on Friday that the Culture Ministry had withheld financial support for the 16th Pride parade to be held in 2017, which, it said, "is a result of former (culture) minister Zlatko Hasanbegovic's ideological appointment of members of cultural councils."

Most Croats would accept a gay doctor, but stereotypes worry experts

More than 90% of Croatians would accept a gay person as their general practitioner but experts are concerned about 7-9% of people having a negative attitude to homosexuals due to unyielding stereotypes and instilled discriminatory behaviour that are difficult to change, shows a study published in the Croatian journal Collegium Antropologicum.

Singapore Speakers' Corner rules seen as threat to popular LGBT rally

Foreign entities including companies and non-governmental organizations will have to apply for a permit to fund or support activities at Singapore's Speakers' Corner, a move seen as an attempt to cull support for annual gay rally Pink Dot.

Indonesian police arrest gay couple over amorous Facebook photos

Two men were arrested in Indonesia's North Sulawesi province after one of them posted photos on Facebook showing them kissing in bed, police said Thursday. 

Legislator blasts US over comments on Indonesia's treatment of gays

An Indonesian lawmaker has warned the United States against meddling in his country's affairs after Washington criticized Jakarta's treatment of sexual and gender minorities, a report said Saturday.

Human Rights Watch: Gay rights under attack in Indonesia

Sexual minorities are under attack in Indonesia, and President Joko Widodo's silence has raised questions about his stated commitment to diversity, Human Rights Watch said Thursday.

Berlin launches Christopher Street Day parade with large police squad

A large police squad joined marchers demonstrating for LGBT rights in Berlin's Christopher Street Day parade on Saturday following a deadly shooting in Munich.

Split holds sixth Pride march

The sixth Split Pride was held in the Adriatic city of Split on Saturday, drawing about 200 participants, according to police estimates.

Slovenians reject same-sex marriages in a referendum

The rival, pro-gay marriage group voiced disappointment and promised to press for a return of a law allowing marriage, the STA news agency reported.