Belgian zoo raises 12,000 euros for conservation with Pokemon Go

Players of Pokemon Go, the new mobile gaming phenomenon, can help protect real species while hunting down fictitious creatures, as one Belgian zoo has demonstrated.

Israel forbids Pokemon Go in embassies, army bases on security threat

The Israeli military has forbidden soldiers from playing the mobile phone game Pokemon Go at military bases, a spokesman said Thursday.

Pokémon Go leads players to explore their surroundings, but at a risk

Pokemon Go, a new smartphone app, has taken the US by storm as young adults and teenagers use the game to explore their neighborhoods and make new friends. But it also can create safety risks if...

Hundreds of thousands of Indians participate in Yoga day events

Hundreds of thousands of Indians performed yoga postures, breathing exercises and meditation across towns and cities as the country marked the second International Day of Yoga on Tuesday.

Helicopter rescuer saves hundreds of lives in mountainous Nepal

Climbers stranded in mountainous areas of Nepal often have only one hope for reaching safety: helicopter rescue.

Nepali becomes first woman to climb Everest seven times

Nepali climber Lhakpa Sherpa became the first woman to make seven ascents of Mount Everest, local media reported Saturday.

Rescue under way for 19 climbers stranded in central Nepal

Nineteen climbers, including two critically injured, were being rescued after they were stranded in the central mountains of Nepal in bad weather, a tour company said Saturday.

First foreign climbers reach Everest summit after two-year gap

Foreign climbers reached the top of Everest Thursday, with their route mapped out by Nepali guides, after a two-year pause in expeditions due to deadly accidents.

Everest peak sees first expeditions after two years of tragedy

Climbers are ready to tackle the world's highest peak again after two years' hiatus due to fatal disasters on the mountain.

German lottery winner to get over 76 million euros in record jackpot

A man from the Rhineland is set to receive a record 76.8-million-euro (85.8-million-dollar) lottery jackpot, the largest win in German lottery history.

Human finally sees victory against Google computer in Go tournament

International Go champion Lee Sedol notched up his first victory Sunday in a five-game tournament against an artificial intelligence programme, marking a faint hurrah for humanity over machine....

Go champion apologizes after third defeat against Google AI programme

Lee Sedol, a professional player of the Chinese board game Go, apologized Saturday after a Google computer programme won its third straight match, ensuring the artificial intelligence (AI)...

Three in a row for Google programme in Go face-off

Computer programme AlphaGo won its third game in a row Saturday, ensuring it of victory in the landmark five-game machine-versus-human contest in the board game Go.

Google programme goes 2-0 up against human Go champion

A Google software programme has won the second game in a landmark contest against a South Korean champion in the board game Go.

Google programme takes first game off "surprised" human Go champion

A Google software programme has drawn first blood in the latest contest between man and machine, winning the first of five planned games against a South Korean champion in the boardgame Go.