Soldiers kill 7 suicide bombers attacking refugee supplies in Nigeria

Seven suicide bombers suspected to belong to Islamist terrorist group Boko Haram were killed during an attack on refugee supplies in a key city in north-eastern Nigeria, the national emergency agency said Friday.

Six people killed during attack on university in northern Nigeria

Six people are dead Monday after an attack that included a mosque bombing on a university campus in north-eastern Nigeria, police said.

Nigeria gets rid of 50,000 government 'ghost workers'

The Nigerian government has removed the names of 50,000 ghost workers from its pay roll, saving as much as 200 billion naira (637 million dollars), a presidential spokesman told dpa Wednesday.

At least nine killed in suicide attack on Nigerian refugee camp

At least nine people were killed and 20 others injured Saturday during a suicide bomb attack on a refugee camp in north-eastern Nigeria, a local official said.

22 Nigerian Shiites reported killed in clashes with police and mobs

At least 22 members of Nigeria's Shiite Muslim community have been killed by police and mobs while holding religious processions in three cities in the north of the country, a community leader said Thursday.

Nigerian president apologizes for plagiarizing Obama's 2008 speech

Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari has apologized for stealing several lines from US President Barack Obama's 2008 election victory speech in Chicago, a spokesman said Saturday.

Boko Haram releases video showing missing Chibok girls

The Boko Haram terror group released a video on Sunday showing dozens of young women who were abducted two years ago from north-eastern Nigeria's Chibok village.

Inquiry commission: Nigeria’s army killed almost 350 Shiite Muslims

The Nigerian military killed at least 347 members of a Shiite Muslim minority group last December, an inquiry commission said Monday.

International group of miners kidnapped in Nigeria

A group of at least six employees of an Australian mining company were kidnapped by unknown gunmen in Nigeria's volatile Niger Delta, officials said Thursday.

At least 25 dead after suicide bombers attack Nigerian mosque

At least 25 people died when suicide bombers attacked a mosque in the country's north-east in the early hours of Wednesday.

60 dead as suicide bombers target refugee camp in northern Nigeria

At least 60 people were killed when two suicide bombers detonated explosives in a camp for internally displaced people in north eastern Nigeria, relief workers said Wednesday.

At least 65 dead in attack on village in north-eastern Nigeria

At least 65 people were killed and 135 injured when suspected Islamist insurgents attacked a village in north-eastern Nigeria, a worker at the national crisis management authority told dpa Monday.

At least 50 dead in attack on village in north-eastern Nigeria

At least 50 people were killed when suspected Islamist insurgents attacked a village in north-eastern Nigeria, the News Agency of Nigeria reported on Sunday.