Koncar concern

Koncar reports HRK 173 million in profits

By the end of this year the Koncar concern will have earned consolidated revenues from the sale of products and services in the amount of HRK 2.8 billion as well as a consolidated pre-tax profit of HRK 173 million, CEO Darinko Bago said.

Croatia takes Podravka, Koncar, CA, CO ....off list of strategic companies

Explaining the latest developments, Finance Minister Zdravko Maric told Hina on Wednesday that this decision was in line with the government's plan to ensure 1.6 billion kuna for the budget from the activation of state property until the end of this year.

First regional train with electro-diesel locomotive put into operation

The train can develop a maximum speed of 120 kmph and has 167 seats and standing room for 175 passengers. It has four pairs of double doors, two ramps for wheelchairs and a section for bicycles. The train is under video surveillance.

Koncar aims for 5-7% growth in 2016

"A growth rate of five to seven percent means investments in production and improving efficiency and caring for environment protection and human safety and that represents the foundation of growth and development in Koncar," Bago said.

Koncar concern expects 15% sales rise in 2015

The group's investments in 2015 total 124 million kuna (60% of which are the group's own funds), with 40% of that amount having been invested in development.