Josip Leko

SDP confident it will have majority in new parliament

The first attempt to inaugurate the parliament on 3 December failed after the only candidate for the position of parliament speaker, Robert Podolnjak of the Bridge Party declined the nomination.

Leko: No reason for nervousness in anticipation of new parliament

"I have not been involved in negotiations (on a post-election coalition) and am not familiar with how far the negotiations have advanced," Leko said.

Chinese PM, Croatian parliament speaker talk cooperation

Li said China would contribute to Croatian infrastructure such as the Rijeka port and the railway that links the port with Hungary. 

Croatian parl. speaker attends China-CEEC economic forum and summit

"Croatia strongly supports mechanisms promoting cooperation between China and the 16 CEEC countries and we see this form of cooperation ...

Mood at SDP election headquarters varies according to ballot returns

"The SDP has achieved a respectable result after a difficult term and now we should look for allies for Croatia's future. The campaign is over, no one won the absolute trust of citizens
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