Joseph Kabila

Congo ruling party signs deal to end President Kabila's rule

After weeks of negotiations, Congo's ruling party signed a deal with opposition leaders that aims to end President Joseph Kabila's 15-year-rule.

Congo peace agreement will allow Kabila to remain until end 2017

The government in Congo and the opposition have tentatively reached an agreement that will see President Joseph Kabila step down at the end of 2017, the Catholic Church Council of Bishops (CENCO)...

At least 22 killed in anti-government protests in Congo

At least 22 people are dead after anti-government protests in various cities in Congo, with more than 275 arrested, Congolese police reported on Wednesday.

About 19 killed in Kinshasa protests, UN says in Congo

About 19 people have been killed in anti-government protests in Congo's capital Kinshasa, the UN said Wednesday.

Anti-Kabila protests rage on in Congo as three are reported killed

Protests raged in Congo on Tuesday against President Joseph Kabila staying in power beyond his second term, with police using tear gas on demonstrators and shots ringing out in the capital...

Dozens of anti-Kabila protesters reportedly arrested in eastern Congo

Dozens of protesters were Monday arrested in eastern Congo while calling on President Joseph Kabila to step down as his second term in office was about to expire at midnight.

Congo to block social media to prevent anti-Kabila protests

Social media will be blocked in Congo starting Monday, in an apparent attempt to prevent protests against President Joseph Kabila.

Congo's president appoints opposition member as prime minister

Congolese President Joseph Kabila on Thursday appointed opposition legislator Sammy Badibanga as prime minister as part of a deal to form a national unity government to prepare the 2018 elections...

Congolese premier resigns as part of deal with opposition

Congolese Prime Minister Augustin Matata Ponyo resigned Monday as part of a deal made with the opposition that allows President Joseph Kabila to stay in power after the end of his second term,...

General strike pressing Kabila to step down paralyses Congo cities

Congo's main cities came to a partial standstill Wednesday as a general strike called by the opposition pressed President Joseph Kabila to step down in December.