joint reform government

Bridge: There won't be a tripartite government

"There won't be a tripartite government," Podolnjak said, adding that his party would continue negotiations with the centre-left Croatia Is Growing coalition, led by the Social Democratic Party (SDP).

Petrov says Patriotic Coalition given 24 hrs to rejoin negotiations

he joint body of members of parliament and the National Council decided that, because of equality, just as we gave the Croatia Is Growing coalition a certain additional time... 

SDP Presidency decides on Bridge's proposal, Karamarko walks out of meeting

Karamarko said that it was difficult for his coalition to sign an agreement with those responsible for "the impoverishment of Croatia over the last four years."

Three blocs mostly agreed on necessary reforms, talks to continue on Monday

The SDP's negotiator Branko Grcic made a similar assessment, while the HDZ's Zeljko Reiner warned that there were a lot of things on which they had not agreed yet.

Bridge party says new PM should be neutral or its rep

Bridge is offering the formation of a government comprising representatives of Bridge and the two coalitions and non-partisan experts. All nominees would become part of the government only by consensus.

Karamarko says offices weren't discussed at Bridge-HDZ-SDP negotiations

Karamarko said that from the start he had been saying that he was sceptical about the possibility and good functioning of a tripartite government, but that he had always been open for talks about it.

Bridge: It seems HDZ ready to uphold our proposals

"If the SDP rejects us, we are still willing to cooperate with them in parliament and support their proposals if we agree with them. We won't support the HDZ on issues we disagree on,"

Milanovic: We don't want to eliminate anyone but form parliament

Brkic said that in a law-based state Milanovic's unsubstantiated claims would lead to his disqualification in the public and his party, adding that Milanovic was spreading lies.

HDZ to decide on Bridge's proposal for tripartite government on Monday

After the SDP rejected Bridge's proposal for a grand coalition, the HDZ said on Saturday they had expected that "the anti-reformist SDP will reject Bridge's proposal."

HDZ says SDP's refusal of Bridge's proposal as expected

"We must say this publicly, we cannot (enter into a coalition) with the HDZ the way it is today," said Milanovic, describing the idea of a non-partisan prime minister as bad.

Milanovic: We didn't reject Bridge, but HDZ

This is not a rejection. As far as we are concerned, we are continuing talks. Bridge will decide on their own who actually rejected them, humiliated them, tried to eliminate them, ...

SDP rejects proposal for grand coalition

The initiative for a broad tripartite alliance the Croatia Is Growing coalition, the Patriotic Coalition and Bridge in forming a parliamentary majority and a future government is unfeasible at the moment.

Brkic: Concrete solutions by next week's end

"It is high time for us to get serious and for everyone on the political scene to take on their responsibilities and once and for all say how and with what forces Croatia can move on,"

Bridge wants HDZ, SDP to voice their opinion on non-partisan PM in a week

Petrov's proposal to nominate a non-partisan prime minister designate was not well received by SDP chief Milanovic and HDZ chief Karamarko.

Petrov says today's meeting historic

There is also a possibilities that both blocs turn down Bridge's proposal. "In that case, new elections will be held," Petrov said.

HDZ leader says SDP-HDZ-MOST gov't not a good idea

"Both they (Bridge) and we have been fighting for four years against a bad government that has brought the state into the current situation and now we should amnesty it ...

Petrov still hopeful of MOST-SDP-HDZ gov't

"If all of us agree on what should be done, then I can't see any problem in forming a reform government even if its term will be only two years,"