John Kasich

Reports: Trump's last remaining Republican opponent to exit race

Ohio Governor John Kasich will drop out of the Republican presidential race after Donald Trump's victory in the Indiana primary virtually assured he will be the party's nominee, US media report citing senior campaign officials.

Cruz and Kasich cooperate to stop Trump in US primaries

Republican presidential hopefuls Ted Cruz and John Kasich have put aside their rivalry to boost their chances of stopping populist maverick Donald Trump from securing the party's presidential nomination.

Kickoff for Kasich is speed bump for Trump, requiem for Rubio

Ohio Governor John Kasich's victory in his own state may have slowed Donald Trump's drive to the Republican nomination. Meanwhile, Ted Cruz is hoping to benefit from fellow US Senator Marco Rubio's departure from the race.

New York Times endorses Clinton, Kasich two days before Iowa caucuses

The New York Times on Saturday endorsed Democrat Hillary Clinton and Republican John Kasich two days ahead of first-in-the-nation intra-party voting in the US presidential campaign in Iowa.