Jacob Zuma

S Africa far-left party seeks impeachment proceedings against Zuma

South Africa's far-left party Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) on Thursday filed an application in the Constitutional Court to launch impeachment proceedings against President Jacob Zuma.

Applause for Zuma criticism at funeral of S African freedom fighter

The funeral of South African anti-apartheid veteran Ahmed Kathrada took undertones of a rally against President Jacob Zuma on Wednesday as speakers criticized the leader's African National Congress (ANC) party.

South African president survives in-party challenge to his rule

Scandal-ridden South African President Jacob Zuma has survived an unprecedented challenge to his rule within his own party, which said Tuesday it "did not support" a call for him to step down.

Thousands of protesters call for South African president to resign

Thousands of anti-government protesters rallied in the South African capital of Pretoria on Wednesday to call for the resignation of President Jacob Zuma, who faces multiple corruption charges.

South African president repays government after graft scandal

South African President Jacob Zuma has repaid the government 7.8 million rand (537,000 dollars) in taxpayers' money he had used to upgrade his private home, the presidency said Monday.

Zuma ordered to return 7.8 million rand spent on home renovations

South African President Jacob Zuma must reimburse the government 7.8 million rand (502,492 dollars) he spent on non-security upgrades to his country home, the National Treasury ordered Monday.

South Africa's Zuma appeals review of his corruption charges

South African President Jacob Zuma has filed an appeal against a recent high court decision that had cleared the way for him to be tried on almost 800 corruption charges, years after the charges had been dropped.

South Africa’s state prosecutor to appeal Zuma corruption review

An appeal is planned against a court ruling that cleared the way for South African President Jacob Zuma to be tried for almost 800 corruption charges, the country's state prosecutor said Monday.

South African parliament votes against impeachment of President Zuma

The South African parliament on Tuesday voted against an impeachment of President Jacob Zuma following his implication in a corruption scandal.

South African anti-apartheid veteran calls for Zuma's resignation

Anti-apartheid veteran Ahmed Kathrada has called on South African President Jacob Zuma to resign as pressure mounts on the head of state over improper spending on his rural home.

South Africa's Zuma denies corruption charges, does not resign

South Africa’s President Jacob Zuma on Friday denied having acted dishonestly when using 246 million rand (15 million dollars) in taxpayers' money to upgrade his rural home, but pledged to pay some of it back.

South Africa's Zuma to pay back millions used for home upgrades

President Jacob Zuma offered Wednesday to pay back millions of dollars in taxpayer money used to install luxurious features at his sprawling homestead in rural South Africa.