Ivo Sanader

Retrial in Fimi Media corruption case resumes after Sanader's illness

The retrial of former prime minister Ivo Sanader and the other defendants in the Fimi Media corruption case resumed on Monday after being adjourned in mid-September due to Sanader's illness.

Sanader: Arbitration ruling in INA-MOL case is a satisfaction

Former prime minister Ivo Sanader on Tuesday told reporters that the arbitration ruling in the INA-MOL case was satisfying for him because it confirmed everything he had been saying to the public...

Court quashes request for judge's exemption in Planinska case

The Zagreb County Court on Friday overruled a request by the Office for the Suppression of Corruption and Organised Crime (USKOK) to exempt Judge Jasna Smiljanic from the trial of former Prime...

Fimi Media retrial set for 6 June

The commencement of a retrial in the case dubbed Fimi Media involving former Prime Minister and Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) leader Ivo Sanader is scheduled for 6 June.

Arbitral tribunal says Sanader, Petrovic questioned as independent witnesses

The tribunal emphasises that it is not appropriate for issues still under discussion and review in the arbitration to be ventilated in the press, the firms said in the statement.

Sanader's lawyer says Hernadi will be acquitted in Croatia

A lawyer for former Croatian prime minister Ivo Sanader says that he is not worried about the latest reports that the acquittal of the CEO of the Hungarian MOL oil group, Zsolt Hernadi, for giving...

Croatia can prosecute MOL executive for corrupt takeover of INA?

The daily carried information published by an independent Hungarian investigative news portal according to which a Budapest-based appeals court has decided to drop the case against Hernadi for...

Karamarko responds to Sanader's claims

Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) president Tomislav Karamarko said on Monday, responding to a question from the press, that when he was the interior minister in the Jadranka Kosor Cabinet, he...

Sanader claims is victim of political persecution in Planinska case

"I am not a criminal and did not do what I am charged with. I am proud of my two terms as Prime Minister and of the results we achieved, from excellent economic results to the reforms we conducted...

Trials against Sanader and Hernadi in INA-MOL case joined

Sanader is charged in the Hypo and INA-MOL case with war profiteering and taking a bribe from MOL

Sanader not bitter about prison but something like this happening in Croatia

Sanader recalled that he was the prime minister whose government took Croatia into the European Union and NATO and that he was convinced that Croatia had achieved the highest standards

Ex-PM released from investigative custody

Former prime minister and former HDZ party leader Ivo Sanader was released from prison in Zagreb shortly after 5.30 pm on Wednesday without bail or any restrictions, 

Sanader to be released from custody

The Constitutional Court noted that its ruling solely dealt with procedural matters relating to the extension of investigative custody for the accused and not with his guilt.

Sanader must be released from investigative custody by Nov 30, court rules

Croatia's highest judicial authority has concluded that the Supreme Court unlawfully extended investigative custody for Sanader on September 30 ...

Ex-HDZ ministers testify at Sanader's trial in "Planinska Street" case

Former PM and former HDZ leader Sanader is charged with pushing for the building's purchase at that inner cabinet meeting, as a result of which the sales contract was signed ...