Ivanka Trump


Trump aide who plugged Ivanka fashions says president supports her

A close aide to US President Donald Trump who raised ethics questions by promoting the Ivanka Trump clothing line said Friday the president supports her.

Trump attacks retailer Nordstrom for dropping daughter's designs

US department store chain Nordstrom treated Ivanka Trump unfairly by dropping her clothing collection, said US President Donald Trump Wednesday as he jumped to his daughter's defence.

Major US department store drops Ivanka Trump's fashion line

A major American department store chain said Friday it has dropped Ivanka Trump's clothing collection because of low sales.

Video of Donald Trump’s granddaughter singing in Chinese goes viral

A video of Donald Trump's granddaughter singing in Mandarin has gone viral on Chinese social media at a time when people are also commenting about the US President’s failure to send official Lunar New Year greetings.

Ex-CIA officer threatens to overtake Trump in conservative Utah

The United States is essentially a two-party political system dominated by Republicans and Democrats, with one or the other of those two parties having put forward the successful candidate for president for more than a century.

Ivanka Trump is vacationing in Croatia with Wendi Deng

Ivanka Trump appears to be taking a break from her father's campaign, vacationing in Croatia this week and like any good millennial, she's documenting the trip on Instagram.