Ivan Vilibor Sincic

DIP says will contact Sincic, Runtic and Lovrinovic over bribery accusations

The State Election Commission (DIP) said on Tuesday that it would request Human Shield party leader Ivan Sincic, former party member Hrvoje Runtic and the leader of the Let Us Change Croatia party, Ivan Lovrinovic, to state their positions on Runtic's accusations against Human Shield in the media and that in case any irregularities were established, it would refer the case to the prosecutorial authorities.

Only Option coalition presents its economic platform

Lovrinovic said that enterprises and employees would be unburdened and that interest rates that are several times higher than in competitive countries would be decreased significantly.

200 protest outside INA demanding protection of national interests

"Croatia has been looted and humiliated, the list of (white-collar) scandals and criminal offences is being extended, while the Croatian people are living in poverty," said Vilibor Sincic

Sincic says Karamarko should resign

Human Shield party president and MP Ivan Sincic said on Sunday that Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) president Tomislav Karamarko should resign as first deputy prime minister because of his wife's business ...

Sincic says SDP didn't ask for his support

We talked about the situation in the country, the financial crisis, the Croatian National Bank and the inauguration of the new parliament. 

HDSSB, Human Shield won't back anybody, Cacic for Milanovic

 "If it will be necessary to achieve a parliamentary majority, we are willing to assume responsibility and talk. Our platform is very clear - Slavonia is waiting."

Sincic pleased with exit poll results, expects more seats

"We are pleased with the results because we made it into parliament, but we will know more after the State Electoral Commission releases preliminary results.