11 Islamist militants killed in gun battle with Philippine troops

Eleven Islamist militants were killed on Friday in a gun battle with government troops in the southern Philippines, a regional military spokesman said.

Radical islamist arrested in Sarajevo upon returning from Syria

A 19-year old citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina was arrested at the Sarajevo airport on Saturday after returning from Syria where he fought for the Islamic State (IS), the Bosnian border police reported on Monday.  

Islamist militants execute Canadian hostage in Philippines

Islamist militants in the southern Philippines on Monday executed a Canadian hostage after ransom was not paid, officials said.

Attacks by suspected Islamists kill two in Bangladesh

The wife of a counter-terrorism officer and a Christian man were killed in attacks carried out by suspected Islamists in Bangladesh on Sunday, police said.

Report: Number of dangerous Islamists in Germany on the rise

The number of dangerous Islamists in Germany has sharply risen over the past year, according to a report on Sunday that cites Germany's investigative police agency.

Germany seeks to screen army recruits to combat Islamist infiltration

Germany's Defence Ministry is preparing a draft law to combat the recruitment of Islamists into the Bundeswehr amid fears the army could be infiltrated by militants seeking weapons training for use in fighting for extremist groups such as Islamic State.

Two arrested in Germany after raids prompted by terror tip-off

Two suspected Islamists were arrested early Thursday in a series of coordinated raids across Germany prompted by a tip-off of a terrorist attack, security sources told dpa.