Report: German intelligence service uncovers 20 Islamists in army

Germany's military intelligence service has uncovered 20 Islamists operating within the ranks of the country's military.

Radical Islamist begs forgiveness for destroying Timbuktu monuments

A radical Islamist asked for forgiveness Monday after pleading guilty to wrecking centuries-old mausoleums in the Malian city of Timbuktu, in an unprecedented war crimes case.

Germany calls Turkey a hub for Islamist groups in leaked document

The German government says the "Islamization" of Turkey's domestic and foreign policy has made the country a hub for Islamist groups, according to a confidential document seen by public...

Governor estimates 36 killed in rebel attack in eastern Congo

Dozens of people in eastern Congo were confirmed dead on Sunday after gun- and machete-wielding militants from the Uganda-based rebel group ADF launched an attack at the southern edge of the city...

Syrian opposition alliance elects moderate Islamist as new head

The main Syrian opposition grouping has elected Annas al-Abdah, a Western-backed moderate Islamist, as its new leader.

Reports: Greek police arrest two suspected jihadists

Greek police have arrested two Iraqi men, aged 22 and 28, in the eastern border town of Alexandroupoli on suspicion of being jihadists, state-run radio reported on Sunday.

Al-Shabaab takes key Somali town for second time in two days

Al-Shabaab Islamists have taken the key Somali port city of Merca for the second time in 48 hours, officials said Sunday.

At least 65 dead in attack on village in north-eastern Nigeria

At least 65 people were killed and 135 injured when suspected Islamist insurgents attacked a village in north-eastern Nigeria, a worker at the national crisis management authority told dpa Monday...

At least 24 insurgents reported dead after attack on Cameroon village

At least 24 Islamist insurgents from the Boko Haram group were killed after they attacked a village in the far north of Cameroon, the commander of the west African country's anti-terrorism unit...

Brazil: No known terrorist threat to Rio Olympics

Brazil says it will deploy 85,000 security personnel, double the number used during the 2012 London Olympics.

Security measures in Bosnia stepped up, website celebrates Paris attacks

The Bosnia and Herzegovina collective Presidency has condemned the Paris attacks in the strongest terms.