Islamic State in Syria and Iraq

NATO leaders OK surveillance, training support for anti-IS alliance

NATO leaders agreed Saturday to provide surveillance planes and military trainers in support of the international coalition fighting the Islamic State extremist group in Syria and Iraq, after long being wary of direct involvement in the effort.

Carter confirms death of key Islamic State leader

The US has killed a top Islamic State leader who oversaw the group's financial operations, US Defence Secretary Ashton Carter says.

Watchdog: Syrian blasts leave one-day record death toll of 184

A series of bombings claimed by Islamic State militants that hit government-held areas in central Homs province and near the Syrian capital Damascus a day ago has killed 184 people, a monitoring group said Monday.

Serbian FM says two embassy staffers in Libya killed in US air strikes

Two employees of the Serbian Embassy to Libya kidnapped in Sabratha in early November were most probably killed in US air raids on an Islamic State base in that city, Serbian Foreign Minister Ivica Dacic said at an extraordinary press conference on Saturday.

Kurdish fighters recapture main Islamic State stronghold in Syria

Kurdish fighters along with Arab allies have recaptured the town of Shaddadi, the last stronghold of Islamic State in Syria's north-eastern al-Hassakeh province, a monitoring group said Friday.

Russia doubts success of Syrian truce amid "intensified" air campaign

Sergei Lavrov, speaking at the Munich Security Conference on Saturday, said there was a "49-per-cent" chance that a temporary truce between regime forces and the Syrian opposition would succeed.

Report: Saudi Arabia to send warplanes to Turkey's Incirlik base

Saudi Arabia will deploy warplanes and, eventually, troops to the Incirlik air base in southern Turkey, Turkey's foreign minister was quoted as saying in local media on Saturday, in comments where he did not rule out possible ground operations in Syria.

US-backed alliance captures key Syrian dam from Islamic State

US-backed Syrian Kurdish and Arab forces capture a strategic dam from Islamic State in northern Syria and cut off a supply route for the terrorist militia. The Tishreen Dam is just 22 kilometres from al-Raqqa, Islamic State's de-facto capital in Syria.

Islamic State leader al-Baghdadi threatens attack on Israel

 Islamic State leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi has threatened an attack on Israel, in a purported audio recording released on Saturday.

Migrants with stolen Syrian passports now in Germany

It said the passports of the migrants to Germany had been copied by the authorities as their holders entered the country.

Iraqi forces fighting to retake Ramadi from Islamic State

Iraqi officials have since then repeatedly announced its imminent recapture.

Turkey says it is withdrawing more troops from flashpoint in Iraq

The Turkish government says its soldiers in Iraq are on training missions with Sunni Arab groups and Kurdish Peshmerga fighters who are battling the Islamic State organization.

Germany deploys navy to assist France in fight against Islamic State

Sunday marked the start of Germany's involvement in the international fight against the self-styled Islamic State terrorist group, when a naval frigate carrying 230 soldiers joined French military in the south-east Mediterranean.

Reports: More German troops needed for Syria, no work with al-Assad

The German Army has demanded an increase in troops following parliamentary approval for military involvement in the fight against Islamic State in Syria.

U.S. deploying elite force to boost fight against Islamic State

During the congressional testimony in which he disclosed the creation of the force, Carter declined to say how many U.S. troops would be deployed. 

U.S., France agree to scale up fight against Islamic State

French warplanes were ready on the runway when the word came from Washington that Obama had decided against action.