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Bosnia Islamic community leader says no people in Bosnia should be a minority

The head of the Islamic community in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Reis Husein Kavazovic, has said that nobody can be happy with the unstable situation in the country, adding however that Bosnia remains the homeland of all peoples living there, including the Croats whom politicians must not treat as a minority, the Sarajevo-based Oslobodjenje daily wrote on Friday.

PM receives head of Islamic community in Croatia

Prime Minister Andrej Plenkovic on Tuesday received the head of the Islamic Community in Croatia, Mufti Aziz Hasanovic, and expressed his satisfaction with Croatia's relations with the Islamic community, adding that the model of arranging these relations could serve as an example to other European countries.

Children asylum seekers given presents from City of Zagreb

Ninety-three children who currently live in the accommodation centre for asylum seekers in Zagreb were given presents for the New Year holidays on Friday.

Head of Bosnian Islamic community condemns latest terrorist attacks

The head of the Islamic community in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Husein Kavazovic, on Wednesday extended his condolences to the German and Russian ambassadors in that country after the latest terrorist attacks in Berlin and Ankara, strongly condemning the perpetrators.

Reis Kavazovic says Bosnia cannot tolerate fear of war again

It cannot be tolerated that people in Bosnia today again fear a war because of the same threats that were made before the bloody conflicts of two decades ago, the head of the Islamic Community in Bosnia and Herzegovina, reis Husein Kavazovic, said in Sarajevo on Monday.

Verdict against Bosnian radical Islamic leader, sentenced to 7 yrs, upheld

The Balkan Investigative Reporting Network (BIRN) in Bosnia and Herzegovina cited Bosnic's attorney Adil Lozo as saying that the verdict against his client had been upheld.

Head of Bosnia Islamic community says isn't spreading inter-ethnic hatred

The head of the Islamic Community of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Husein Kavazovic, on Thursday dismissed accusations that he was spreading inter-ethnic hatred and intolerance after his statement that one must not allow "a Vlach to govern Srebrenica."

Bosnia's Islamic Community supports Banja Luka bishop

"The Islamic Community in Bosnia and Herzegovina respects very much Bishop Franjo Komarica. With his words and deeds he has shown that he is worthy of respect as a bishop, Catholic believer and human being,"

Bosnian Muslim leader accuses Serb Orthodox Church of promoting nationalism and protecting war criminals

Reis Kavazovic said that unlike the Serb Orthodox Church, the Catholic Church acted like Bosnia's friend, helping the strengthening of its international position.

Bosnian Islamic community leader says Brussels attacks unforgivable sin

The leader of the Islamic Community in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Husein Kavazovic, on Tuesday condemned the terrorist attacks in Brussels, branding them as an unforgivable sin and moral collapse.

Opatija to host 3rd Global Halal Congress in November

The third Global Halal Congress will take place in Opatija in November with over 1,000 participants from all over the world, representatives of the Halal Certification Centre of the Islamic Community in Croatia announced at a round table on Tuesday.

Prime Minister receives Mufti Hasanovic

Mufti Hasanovic underscored that their mutual respect could be an example that could be applied to relations toward Christians in Islamic countries, the government's media office said.

Bosnian Islamic Community insists on dissolution of illegal communities

"We have given deadlines and we have opened the doors for all who want to become part of the Islamic Community," Razim Colic told the Sarajevo-based Dnevni Avaz, adding that the  Riyasat will not give up from its position.

Bosnia Islamic community leader placed under protection

Mektic said that Bosnian security services were monitoring all online communications that might be related to terrorism and were promptly responding to any challenges.

Two videos threatening terrorist attacks in Bosnia posted

Two videos have been posted on social networks in which two Bosniaks in the Syrian war zone call for terrorist attacks in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) and the execution of the head of the Islamic Community in BiH, Husein Kavazovic.

Croatia to mark 100th anniversary of recognition of Islam

Various events will be held in areas of Croatia with sizeable Muslim communities to mark this anniversary and Zagreb will be the venue of a tolerance concert that will be held in the Vatroslav Lisinski Concert Hall on 22 April.

Illegal communities defying Bosnian Islamic leadership's ban

The Islamic Community's main body, called the Riyasat, said in a statement that activities were under way to integrate "alternative groups" into the official structures of the Community in line with Bosnian legislation on religious liberties and communities.

Pig heads found on mosque construction site in Slovenia

The Islamic Community in Slovenia, appalled by the incident, has in the meantime called on other religious communities to condemn the desecration of the future place of worship.

Islamic Community in Bosnia dissolving extremist jamias

The Islamic Community in Bosnia and Herzegovina has taken concrete measures to ban parallel Muslim communities in the country as well self-styled imams, local media reported on Monday.

Bosniak political and religious leaders warn of danger of Islamic radicalism

The head of the Islamic Community in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Husein Kavazovic, who initiated the meeting, told the press that the aim was to reaffirm their "commitment to the path of the good in a time full of violence". 

Montenegrin dignitary appeals for not associating Muslims with terrorists

Fejzic told the local TV broadcaster that the Muslims felt to be under the scrutiny only for the developments for which they were not responsible.

Islamic dignitary calls on Bosnian Muslims to defy terrorists

He added that one must not condone those who kill innocent people in Gaza and Syria either, recalling that the most numerous victims of criminals "and those who allegedly fight against them" are Muslims.

Croatia's Islamic community strongly condemns Paris terrorist attacks

The Islamic community in Croatia on Saturday strongly condemned the terrorist attacks in Paris and offered condolences to the families of the victims.

Head of Bosnian Islamic community condemns Paris attacks as sin against God

He strongly condemned the terrorist attacks in Paris and the killing of innocent people, saying that it was an attack on all humanity.