EU grants new refugee funds to Turkey, rejects visa deal "threats"

The European Union on Thursday provided Turkey with new funding for Syrian refugees living in the country, while warning Ankara that threats to suspend a migration deal if the bloc does not grant visa concessions would have "no effect whatsoever."

G7 leaders in Japan smarting from domestic battles

The leaders of the Group of Seven countries in Ise-Shima for the annual G7 summit are not all in the best of political health.

Japan deploys 23,000 police officers, plus destroyer, for G7 summit

Japan is deploying around 23,000 police officers to secure the Group of Seven (G7) summit being held in the tourism region of Ise-Shima.

The G7: no longer the world largest economies?

The G7 is often referred to as the group of the world's largest economies, but that is no longer the case.