Iraqi forces take control of eastern Mosul from Islamic State

This story is being retracted because the Iraqi Defence Ministry now says the information was released on its website is error.

Bodies of 89 suspected Islamic State victims found in Iraq mass grave

The bodies of 89 people, thought to be soldiers killed by Islamic State jihadists, were found in a mass grave in north-central Iraq on Saturday, a security official said.

Liberation of east Mosul nearly complete, Iraq's al-Abadi says

Iraqi security forces are close to ending Islamic State resistance on the east bank of the Tigris river in Mosul, Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi said on Wednesday.

Iraqi forces retake Mosul university from Islamic State

Iraqi forces seized control of a key university in the northern city of Mosul on Saturday as part of a US-backed onslaught aimed at driving the extremist militia from its last urban stronghold in...

Iraq claims gains in Mosul campaign against Islamic State

Elite Iraqi forces retook territory in Mosul from Islamic state on Friday, part of an ongoing US-backed campaign aimed at dislodging the extremist organization from its last Iraqi urban stronghold...

Germany to boost troops in Mali, extend anti-Islamic State mission

Germany is planning a major boost to the number of troops it deploys in the crisis-hit West African state of Mali and to extend its involvement in the international fight against the Islamic State...

Islamic State blows up government buildings in Mosul

Islamic State militants blew up government buildings Tuesday in Mosul, where Iraqi forces are pressing ahead with an offensive to recapture the northern city.

Iraqi forces advance towards Tigris river in Mosul

Iraqi forces have recaptured several areas by the Tigris River as they secured further advances against Islamic State in the northern city of Mosul, a senior military official told dpa Monday.

18 killed in Baghdad suicide attacks claimed by Islamic State

Eighteen people were killed in two suicide attacks claimed by the Islamic State extremist group in mainly Shiite areas of Baghdad on Sunday, security and health officials said.

Baghdad, Ankara resolve row over Turkish troops in Iraq

Iraq said Saturday it has reached a deal with Ankara on the withdrawal of Turkish troops from northern Iraq, resolving a dispute that has strained ties between the two neighbours in recent months...

Iraqi forces advance in Mosul against Islamic State

Iraqi forces recaptured a new area in eastern Mosul as they secured further advances against Islamic State in northern Iraq, a senior military official told dpa.

Iraq recaptures village from Islamic State after surprise assault

Iraqi forces recaptured a northern village from Islamic State on Friday, hours after the extremist militia seized it in a surprise counter-attack, a local security official said.

Iraq launches offensive to retake Islamic State towns near Syria

Iraqi forces launched an offensive Thursday to retake western towns near the Syrian border from Islamic State militants, a senior military officer said.

Five killed in Baghdad bombing as Iraqi forces make gains in Mosul

A car bomb exploded Thursday in the Iraqi capital Baghdad, killing five civilians, a security official said.

Iraqi Kurdistan closes group helping Yezidi victims of Islamic State

An organization that has assisted members of the Yezidi religious minority victimized by the Islamic State extremist group said on Wednesday that Iraqi Kurdish security forces had closed its main...