Trump points to Assange, questions intelligence on Russian hacking

US president-elect Donald Trump pointed to remarks by WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange on the hacking of Democratic Party emails as he questioned US intelligence agencies' assessment that Russian hackers were behind the breach.

Arrest of alleged spy matter of Serbia's daily politics

Croatian Foreign Minister Miro Kovac on Saturday portrayed the apprehension of an alleged spy, a Croatian citizen, in Belgrade on espionage charges, as "a third rate soap opera", while the chairman of the association of Croatian generals, retired general Pavao Miljavac, said that the arrest was something to do with daily goings in Belgrade.

Serbia arrests alleged spy for Croatia

The Belgrade-based Chief Prosecutor's Office stated on Friday evening that the Serbia's security and intelligence agency (BIA) had arrested a man, who holds both Serbian and Croatian citizenship, on suspicion of espionage, and local media reported that the arrested man of the Serb descent used to be an army officer.

Successful cooperation between Croatian and Bosnian military intelligence

The Director of the Military-Security Intelligence Agency within the Croatian Defence Ministry, Brigadier General Ivica Kinder, met in Sarajevo on Thursday with a delegation of the Bosnian Defence Ministry headed by Minister Marina Pendes, the Bosnian ministry said in a press release.

Sindicic names Djurekovic's assassins

Vinko Sindicic, a witness in the trial of Yugoslav-era Croatian intelligence officials Zdravko Mustac and Josip Perkovic, charged with complicity in the assassination of Croatian dissident Stjepan Djurekovic in 1983, told a court in Munch that Djurekovic was killed by former Yugoslav secret service agents Luka Sekula and Branko Bijelic.

SOA: Security situation stable, terrorist attacks indicate more complex situation

The Security-Intelligence Agency (SOA) on Sunday released on its web site a public report on its activities in 2015 in which it says that the security situation in Croatia in the past period was stable but that terrorist attacks in Europe indicate an increasingly complex security situation in Croatia's neighbourhood.

Opposition MP: National security system leaderless

The council in charge of coordinating the security system is not functioning because it has not been appointed and the report by the head of the Military Security-Intelligence Agency was not adopted owing to the votes of the Patriotic Coalition and its partners. 

President, PM confirm they have still not agreed on new SOA chief

Grabar-Kitarovic signed a decision that SOA chief Dragan Lozancic be relieved of duty in early February, citing violation of the Security-Intelligence System Act and forwarding her decision to the government.

PM says will focus on intelligence agency chief next week

Croatian Prime Minister Tihomir Oreskovic said in Brussels on Friday evening that he would deal with the issue of the Security and Intelligence Agency chief next week.

Majority on parl. committee doesn't want discussion on SOA chief

Strenja Linic thus backed down from the request she made on behalf of Bridge MPs last week, when she justified Bridge's support to the appointment of SDP MP Ranko Ostojic as Committee chair, ...

Defence minister declines comment on SOA chief's dismissal

"Allow me to close the intelligence chapter in my career. In principle, I will not comment on my work in the intelligence services. I would like our intelligence services to function well and be efficient,"

Deputy PM sees no reason for SOA head's dismissal

The Bridge party leader and a Deputy Prime Minister, Bozo Petrov, said on Saturday that at this moment he could see no reason for the replacement of Security and Intelligence Agency (SOA) chief Dragan Lozancic, with whom he had talked and added that "clear arguments for such a move must exist, if that happens".