Non-taxable annual student earnings HRK 60,600

The non-taxable annual cumulative amount that students can earn amounts to HRK 60,600 and it won't be calculated on a monthly basis, while the contentious provisions in income tax regulations will be amended by the end of the month, Finance Minister Zdravko Maric and Science and Education Minister Pavo Barisic told a delegation of the student corps on Friday.

SDP leader urges gov't to change regulations on taxation of student income

Social Democratic Party (SDP) leader Davor Bernardic on Thursday called on the government to urgently amend regulations under which students, once they earn HRK 15,000 in a year, have their each next income taxed at a rate of 24% plus municipal taxes, saying that by doing so, the government was being cruel to young people.

Indictment upheld against two tax inspectors, the Cetinskis

The two tax inspectors and the Cetinskis are charged with abuse of office and authority, incitement to abuse of office and authority, and document forgery.

Croatia's real agriculture income up 23 pct

The value of real income in agriculture in Croatia in 2015 was HRK 6.9 billion, which is an increase of 23.3 per cent in relation to the previous year, according to the second estimate of the National Bureau of Statistics (DZS), released on Monday.

Croatia has highest increase of real agricultural income per worker in EU

Real agricultural income per worker in Croatia increased this year by 21.5% compared to last year. In the 2010-2015 period real agricultural income per worker in Croatia dropped 17.3%, the Eurostat estimated.

Petrokemija's income up 19 pct, loses reduced

The company's loses in the said period amounted to HRK 51.8 million, while in the first nine months of 2014, the loses amounted to 286.82 million.