PM Tihomir Oreskovic: My working on solving INA-MOL dispute didn't suit some

Prime Minister Tihomir Oreskovic said in parliament on Thursday the real reason for the toppling of his government was that, in order to protect national interests, he began work on dealing with the INA-MOL dispute through the continuation of arbitration and the beginning of new negotiations, which he said did not suit some.

PM says is being impeached for refusing to appoint intelligence agency chief who didn't meet conditions

Oreskovic underscored that he made the decision to appoint Daniel Markic as SOA chief together with President Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovic, in the best interest of Croatia, adding that Markic's work so far was proof that his decision was the right one.

Parliament opens discussion on PM's impeachment

Oreskovic arrived in parliament accompanied only by the ministers from the Bridge party. "History is being written, let's finish what what we started," he said when asked by the press how it felt to be impeached by those who brought him to power. 

SDP chief says his party will support PM's impeachment

Commenting on the Conflict of Interest Commission's decision in the case of Deputy Prime Minister Tomislav Karamarko, Milanovic said the decision was irrelevant, saying that the issue was a lot bigger than conflict of interest.

HDZ-led coalition positive it will topple PM Thursday

Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) secretary-general Domagoj Milosevic said after a Patriotic Coalition meeting at the HDZ's headquarters on Tuesday that the coalition was united in its positions and the steps it would take in the days ahead.

Inner cabinet ministers with no comment on impeachment

An inner cabinet meeting was held on Tuesday, however, ministers were not willing to state whether the government would give its opinion on the Croatian Democratic Union's (HDZ) motion for a no confidence vote against Prime Minister Tihomir Oreskovic.

HSS to support Oreskovic's impeachment

The presidency's first conclusion is that the HSS supports the dissolution of this government because Tihomir Oreskovic lacks political legitimacy and that HSS MPs should vote no confidence in the prime minister and support his impeachment, said Beljak.

Motion for PM's impeachment in parliamentary procedure

Forty-two MPs of the Patriotic Coalition's HDZ and HSP AS parties listed the reasons for the impeachment of Prime Minister Tihomir Oreskovic in their six-point motion and proposed to parliament on Tuesday to give him a vote of no confidence.

HDZ: Motion for no-confidence vote in PM under way

Asked whether they had a new prime-minister designate, Suker said that the only topic today was "Oreskovic's impeachment." "When that is resolved, we will move onto the next topic," he said.

Request for PM's impeachment not yet sent to parliament

The president of the HDZ parliamentary group, Ivan Suker, does not yet know if the HDZ will opt for Oreskovic's impeachment.

Reiner: Majority will support Karamarko

"As a member of the HDZ Presidency, I can say that there is no doubt that a majority of parliamentary deputies will support the HDZ leader," Reiner told reporters during an open-day event at the parliament.