Idomeni, Greece

Macedonian police to return migrants after hundreds breach border

Macedonia's police and army were "taking steps" to return a crowd of migrants from the Greek refugee camp Idomeni and enhance security after they "illegally" crossed the sealed border on Monday,...

2,000 migrants wade through river at sealed Greece-Macedonia border

Around 2,000 people from the Greek refugee camp in Idomeni on Monday waded through the river where three migrants had drowned earlier that day, in a bid to reach the sealed Macedonian border.

Hundreds of migrants attempt push from Greece to Macedonia

Several hundred people have left the refugee camp in Idomeni, Greece, and are making a break for the border fence between Greece and Macedonia.

Former German labour minister to sleep rough at Idomeni migrant camp

Norbert Bluem, aged 80, plans to spend the night to Sunday camping outside at the overcrowded camp on the Greek-Macedonian border.

Worries of refugee humanitarian crisis mount ahead of EU-Turkey talks

More than a dozen migrants drowned off the coast of Turkey on Sunday, adding weight to a UN warning of an unfolding humanitarian emergency along the Balkan migration route and upping the stakes...

Humanitarian crisis unfolding at Greek-Macedonian border, warns UN

A humanitarian crisis is unfolding among the refugees massed at Greece's border with Macedonia, warned a representative of the UN refugee agency Sunday, saying the situation there cannot persist...

Greece running out of space to shelter migrants, aid agency says

Greek police removed hundreds of protesting migrants blocking a railroad border crossing, as concern grows that people pouring in from Turkey and running into a closed border may overwhelm the...