Greece shuts camp Idomeni, a symbol of Europe's migration woes

Greece has completed the evacuation of thousands of people who had been stranded for months at the country's squalid refugee camp at Idomeni.

Idomeni camp slowly depletes as Greece relocates stranded migrants

The population in the makeshift refugee and migrant camp at Idomeni dropped further Wednesday as authorities relocated people to organized facilities elsewhere in Greece.

Greece begins clearing migrant camp at Idomeni

The clearing of an informal refugee camp at Idomeni, Greece, began Tuesday, almost certainly dashing the hopes of thousands of people living there in miserable conditions who hope to travel further into Europe.

Greece set to clear migrant camp at Idomeni

Greek authorities confirmed Monday that they ordered special police units to clear the informal refugee camp at Idomeni, on the country's border with Macedonia.

Migrants seek new routes into Balkans

After weeks stranded at a closed border in northern Greece, migrants and refugees are seeking out new, irregular routes to get into Macedonia, clambering through forests and over hills under the cover of darkness, Reuters reported.

Police teargas migrants in another day of clashes at Idomeni camp

Clashes broke out again on Wednesday between Macedonian police and migrants stranded at the refugee camp in the Greek border town of Idomeni, Greek TV reported.

Influx of migrants to Greece dwindles; tensions still high at Idomeni

The inflow of migrants to the Greek islands continued to dwindle, figures from the Athens authorities showed Tuesday, but tensions remained high at Idomeni, where thousands of frustrated people are stranded at the sealed Macedonian border.

Greek minister warns of "jihadists of tomorrow" amid Idomeni tensions

A Greek minister on Monday warned of the potential for radicalization among frustrated migrants stranded at the Idomeni refugee camp on the Macedonian border, Greek news service Skai reported.

Migrants crowd Idomeni border fence after rumour of border opening

Hundreds of migrants gathered at a fence along the Greek-Macedonian border in Idomeni on Sunday, demanding that authorities open the border and let them pass.

Pressure grows in Greece's overcrowded Idomeni camp

In the Greek border camp of Idomeni, thousands of refugees have been waiting for days to continue to Macedonia on their trek north to the wealthier countries of Europe. As the crowds grow and supplies dwindle, the migrants are reaching their breaking point.