Iceland impasse over as three parties agree to form government

Iceland's political impasse ended on Tuesday when three parties led by the conservative Independence Party announced they have agreed to form a new government.

Third attempt to form Iceland government fails

A third attempt to form a new government in Iceland failed Monday as the leader of the anti-establishment Pirate Party handed back the mandate to the president.

Iceland president asks Pirate Party to attempt to form government

Iceland's president on Friday gave the leader of the anti-establishment Pirate Party the task of forming the next government, a month after the elections.

Iceland in limbo after Left Green coalition bid fails

Iceland still doesn't have a new government after coalition talks failed between the Left Green Movement and four other parties.

Five parties open talks on Iceland coalition

Talks opened Monday on forming a new five-party coalition government in Iceland, Left Green Movement leader Katrin Jakobsdottir said.

Iceland coalition negotiations broken off over EU, fishing quotas

Talks on forming a new government in Iceland broke off Tuesday as a mooted coalition of centre-right parties failed to bridge differences on either a referendum on European Union membership talks...

Icelandic conservatives begin coalition negotiations

Bjarni Benediktsson, leader of Iceland's conservative Independence Party, began negotiations with the country's young parties on Saturday aimed at forming a new government.

Iceland faces tough coalition talks after unclear election result

Iceland was facing the prospect of tough coalition negotiations Sunday after a parliamentary election ousted the centre-right ruling government, but produced no clear winner.

Icelanders set to oust government as Pirates make gains

Iceland's ruling centre-right coalition looks set to lose power after Saturday's parliamentary election, broadcaster RUV reported early Sunday, with 51,000 votes counted.

Anti-establishment Pirates eye government as Iceland polls under way

Icelanders were voting in parliamentary elections on Saturday where the anti-establishment Pirate Party is tipped to form part of a new government.

Voting under way in Iceland for new parliament

Voters were heading to the polls in Iceland on Saturday, where the anti-establishment Pirate Party is tipped to form part of a new government.

Russian bombers flew under Iceland passenger plane

Two Russian military aircraft recently flew under an Icelandic passenger jet without their transponders activated, raising queries about risky behaviour, an Icelandic daily said Monday.

Iceland nation in "cold war" with Iceland Foods over trademark claim

The government of Iceland has reacted angrily after a British supermarket chain of the same name registered the word "Iceland" as a trademark, prompting possible legal action from the firm's...

Historian Johannesson takes office as Iceland's president

Newly elected Icelandic President Gudni Th Johannesson said he was committed to be a unifying force, but vowed "to point out both things that are well done and others that could be done better"...

Iceland national team gets huge reception after first-ever Euro

Icelandic football fans received the island's national side like conquering heroes, as the team returned home Monday night after being eliminated in the quarterfinals of their first-ever European...