HDZ: Health care costs won't go up

During a presentation of the Croatian Democratic Union's (HDZ) health platform in Zagreb on Monday, it was said that health care would not be privatised or divided into private and public health care and that supplementary health insurance and emergency hospital treatment would not go up in price as Health Minister Dario Nakic had previuosly announced.

Health insurance institure to introduce e-patient charts as of 1 Sept

All hospital will have a computer connection with the HZZO and  a central scheduling calendar will be introduced, Dorcic told the press.

Croatia to join in strategy of global HCV eradication by 2030

In Croatia, there is no official register of people suffering from those diseases and an estimated 39,000 Croatians are infected with hepatitis C and 28,000 are estimated to have hepatitis B.

Health system debt in 2015 down by HRK 350 mln

In 2015, the health administration reduced the debt of the health system by HRK 350 million, owing to reforms that were launched, and the new health minister will inherit a system with a debt of HRK 2.5 billion.

Varga: Announced health reforms continuation of outgoing govt's project

Outgoing Health Minister Sinisa Varga on Friday commented on PM-Designate Tihomir Oreskovic's announcement of reforms in public procurement and administration in the health sector ...

Health union surprised by Bridge's reform measures

"This could only mean one thing - that such an agreement will define some rights that doctors still don't have and other medical workers don't deserve.

Healthcare system gets HRK 2.2 billion more in 2015

The minister dismissed criticism as groundless and as an example of petty-politicking, nevertheless, he did not push further with the proposed legislation.

Croatia's budget gap in first ten months HRK 6.3 billion

In October alone, budgetary revenues totalled 9 billion kuna, down 7.7% from October 2014, while expenditures stood at 9.5 billion, or 7.1% less on the month.

400,000 Croats may be living with diabetes

In Croatia, an estimated 400,000 people have this disease, including 254,000 adults who have been diagnosed with it.