Human Shield

DIP says will contact Sincic, Runtic and Lovrinovic over bribery accusations

The State Election Commission (DIP) said on Tuesday that it would request Human Shield party leader Ivan Sincic, former party member Hrvoje Runtic and the leader of the Let Us Change Croatia party, Ivan Lovrinovic, to state their positions on Runtic's accusations against Human Shield in the media and that in case any irregularities were established, it would refer the case to the prosecutorial authorities.

Human Shield expects good results, Sincic did good job in parl.

"I hope the results will remain like that. In the last election we had a negative experience when exit polls showed that we could win two to three seats yet in the end we only won one seat with 100,000 votes," Palfi said. 

Human Shield remains steadfast, won't enter any coalitions

"We expected a little more - eight seats, plus or minus two. We have won seven. I would have preferred eight or ten, but it isn't over yet," Pernar said.

Lovrinovic dismisses reports that his coalition pushes for inflation

A coalition made up of the Human Shield party, Franak, the Youth Action and the "Let's change Croatia" party on Saturday dismissed as "manipulation and lies" media reports that the coalition wanted more money to be printed as a way of solving economic problems in the country.

New coalition formed - Franak, former Bridge members and Human Shield

The Franak association of citizens with loans pegged to the Swiss franc, three former members of the Bridge Party who set up their own party Change Croatia, and the Human Shield party on Wednesday told a press conference that they would run jointly in the coming parliamentary election set for September.

HDSSB, Human Shield won't back anybody, Cacic for Milanovic

 "If it will be necessary to achieve a parliamentary majority, we are willing to assume responsibility and talk. Our platform is very clear - Slavonia is waiting."