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Thousands of Kinder Surpise eggs wash up on shore of German island

Tens of thousands of Kinder Surpise eggs washed up on the shore of a German island on Thursday during a bout of stormy weather.

Tens of thousands of Dutch swimmers take traditional new year's dip

Tens of thousands of Dutch people have celebrated the new year with a traditional dip in the North Sea on Sunday.

EU presidency billboard embarrasses Maltese authorities

Embarrassed Maltese authorities acted quickly on Friday to rectify a spelling blooper on a roadside billboard to promote the island's upcoming EU presidency.

Hospital may have given women wrong sperm during fertility treatment

Twenty-six women may have been given the wrong sperm during fertility treatment, the University Hospital in the Dutch city of Utrecht said on Wednesday.

US military tracks Santa Claus; dropping gifts over central Asia

Children anxiously awaiting their Christmas gifts may wonder about the impending arrival of Santa Claus, but thanks to the US military they can know his exact location as the jolly old elf makes...

Sarajevo preparing alcohol-free outdoor NYE party

The capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina is making preparations for a splendid open-air New Year Eve party to usher in 2017, however, discussions on a ban on alcoholic beverages in the square that...

72-year-old drives 11 kilometres in wrong direction on German highway

A 72-year-old woman who drove for about 11 kilometres in the wrong direction along a German highway managed to survive her journey unharmed, police said on Friday.

Canadian Navy: mystery object found in Pacific was not nuclear bomb

A mysterious object found by an intrepid diver in Pacific waters off the coast of British Columbia is not a long-lost nuclear bomb, the Royal Canadian Navy said Friday.

Running naked, showing bare buttocks is crime in an Australian state

Exposing bare buttocks in public and running naked in a public place to shock or amuse have been officially made a crime in the Australian state of Victoria, it was revealed on Monday.

11 injured after Istanbul bus driver attacked by man with umbrella

An umbrella used as a weapon led to 11 people being injured and several cars crushed on a highway in Istanbul in an attack on a bus driver on Friday.

Cannabis in cake lays residents of German town low

A half-dozen people in a northern German town required medical attention during the weekend after they ate pieces of a cake that had been baked with cannabis oil, according to police.

Pokemon characters recruited for police briefing in Thailand

The mobile game craze Pokemon Go made an unlikely appearance at a police briefing in Thailand on Saturday, thanks to a ruling from the country's prime minister.

Croats rank high among pet owners

Over half of the global population (56%) have at least one pet, and pet owners dominate in Latin America, Russia and the USA. Croatians are also deemed to be pet lovers given that 61% of...

Renaissance Festival taking place in Koprivnica

The 11th edition of the of the Renaissance Festival started in the northern Croatian town of Koprivnica on Saturday with a procession of costumed participants along the city's medieval fortress...

Bangkok to launch special police squad to crack down on Pokemon Go

Bangkok City Police will launch a mobile police squad aimed at catching drivers playing the popular mobile application Pokemon Go, local media reported Monday.