Vrapce hospital gets 68 mln kuna for Forensic Psychiatry Center

An agreement on a grant from EU funds earmarked for the construction of the Forensic Psychiatry Centre, worth HRK 68 million, was signed in Zagreb's Psychiatric Clinic Vrapce on Tuesday.

Gov't to provide funds for storm-hit Osijek hospital

Finance Minister Zdravko Maric in the caretaker government said on Wednesday that the necessary funds from the state budgets would be allotted to offset damage inflicted on the Osijek hospital during a recent summer storm.

Ministers visit storm-hit Osijek, local hospital to be renovated

Health Minister Dario Nakic said in Osijek on Tuesday that the damage caused to the city hospital by a storm that hit Osijek on Monday, would be removed and that it was estimated at five million kuna.

33 Croatian hospitals receive Friend of Children title

Over the past 17 years a total of 33 Croatian hospitals have received the honorary title "Friend of Children," it was said this past Tuesday at the opening of a seminar on care for children without adequate parent care who undergo medical treatment in hospitals.

State media: Syrian rebels hit hospital in regime-held Aleppo city

Syrian rebels hit a hospital in Aleppo's regime-held Muhafaza district, killing at least three people and wounding 17, the Syrian state news agency SANA reports.

Refugee who set self on fire dies in Australian hospital

A North Korean court has sentenced a US national to 10 years of hard labour for spying and subversion, China’s official Xinhua news agency reported Friday.

Minister proposes HRK 150 fee for non-emergency patients coming to casualty wards

"In that case, the patient will be required to pay HRK 70. We wish to provide speedy treatment for those patients who truly are emergency cases and not have someone having a heart attack wait for 10 hours to be seen because that jeopardises that patient," 

Gov't suspends bailout of 31 medical institutions

The Croatian government decided on Wednesday to discontinue the bailout of 31 medical institutions, after which those institutions will be returned to the care of their founders.

UN says almost 50 killed in attacks on hospitals, schools in Syria

Almost 50 people, including many children, were killed Monday in missile attacks on hospitals and schools in Syria, the United Nations said.

US condemns deadly airstrikes in Syria

The United States condemns airstrikes conducted in and around Aleppo that killed civilians at a hospital and a school.

Syrian ambassador in Russia: US airstrike hit hospital

The Syrian ambassador in Russia says the United States Air Force performed an airstrike that hit a Doctors Without Borders (MSF) hospital in northern Syria.

Airstrikes hits aid hospital in northern Syria; casualties feared

At least eight staff members are missing Monday after airstrikes at a hospital affiliated with Doctors Without Borders (MSF) in northern Syria, believed to have been carried out by Russian jets.

Three killed in airstrike on Syria hospital, charity says

Medical charity Medecins sans Frontieres (MSF) says that three people have been killed in an airstrike on a hospital supported by the group in southern Syria.

Italy tax police uncover 4.7-million-euro public healthcare fraud

A public hospital in an impoverished southern Italian region failed to collect 150,000 patient bills over three years, an oversight that cost 4.7 million euros (5.25 million dollars), tax police Guardia di Finanza said Monday.

Aid group says four killed in Yemen hospital bombing

The group added that the attack resulted in the collapse of several buildings of the medical facility in the Razeh district in the Saada province, a stronghold of the Houthi rebels.

Medical protective clothing stolen from Paris hospital

The motive for the theft is unclear but it comes amid heightened fears in France over the risk of biological or chemical terrorism following the deadly Nov. 13 attacks in Paris.

Candles lit outside city hospital ahead of Vukovar Remembrance Day

Vukovar Remembrance Day is observed in memory of 18 November 1991 when the city's defence lines were broken after a three-month siege by the Yugoslav People's Army (JNA)