HIV infections among adolescents could rise 60 per cent by 2030

New HIV infections among adolescents could rise from 250,000 last year to nearly 400,000 annually by 2030, if progress against the virus stalls, the UN children’s fund UNICEF said Thursday.

HIV infection incidence in Croatia remains low

For the past 28 years, Croatia and the rest of the world have been observing World AIDS Day on December 1 in order to raise awareness of HIV/AIDS, risks, protection, the importance of prevention, early diagnose and treatment, the need for solidarity with those ill, and of reducing the stigma and discrimination to which they are exposed.

Millions more access HIV treatment, but young women remain vulnerable

The number of people around the world receiving treatment for HIV has doubled in five years, the UN HIV/AIDS programme UNAIDS said on Monday.

Malawi man convicted for sex with 104 women for "sexual cleansing"

A Malawi court Friday convicted an HIV-positive man who had confessed to having had sex with 104 girls and widows in traditional “sexual cleansing” rituals.

HIV-positive Italian risks life term for infecting at least 30 women

An HIV-positive Italian man who infected "at least" 30 women with the deadly virus will stand trial on charges that could see him imprisoned for life, Italian police said Wednesday, describing the criminal case as "unprecedented."