New media strategy draft possible in few months, culture minister says

Culture Minister Nina Obuljen Korzinek said on Wednesday the ministry would work on a media strategy this year, adding that Hina's financial situation had stabilised and that it was an important media outlet which could open up to new services.

Ministry to invite applications for Hina Steering Council's members

The outgoing cabinet of Croatian Prime Minister Tihomir Oreskovic on Wednesday adopted a draft of tender inviting applications for four positions of the five-member Steering Council of Croatia's news agency Hina.

Protest held against HINA reporter's sacking

Two non-governmental organisations held a protest on Monday morning in front of the HINA news agency offices, protesting against the sacking of reporter and former HINA director Smiljanka Skugor Hrncevic.

EANA urges Croatian government to safeguard Hina's independence

The European Alliance of News Agencies (EANA) has urged the Croatian government to safeguard Hina's editorial, managerial and economic independence, requesting an urgent meeting with the government in Zagreb to discuss ways of protecting independent news media in Croatia.