Hillary Clinton

US inspector general launches review of FBI actions on Clinton emails

The US Department of Justice inspector general said Thursday he is launching an investigation of how the department and the FBI handled a probe of Hillary Clinton's private email server ahead of...

Clintons to attend Trump's swearing-in ceremony

Hillary Clinton, the former opponent of US president-elect Donald Trump, will accompany her husband Bill Clinton to Trump's swearing-in ceremony on January 20, CNN reports, citing Clinton's office...

Trump's victory sealed in US Electoral College vote

Donald Trump on Monday received the outcome he expected from the US Electoral College, a majority among its 538 members, sealing his victory in the US presidential election and clearing the way...

Electors begin voting in final stage of US presidential election

Members of the US Electoral College have begun voting in their respective states to make the definitive decision in the presidential election.

Clinton: Fake news is an "epidemic" and a threat to safety

Hillary Clinton said Thursday that an "epidemic of malicious fake news and false propaganda" presented a threat to US citizens, local media reported, days after a made-up story led to a shooting...

US state of Wisconsin preparing presidential recount

Wisconsin authorities on Monday laid the groundwork for a planned presidential recount, after the Green Party petitioned for a review of election results in the US state.

Clinton campaign joins Green Party's Wisconsin recount effort

Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign will participate in a presidential recount petitioned in the Midwestern state of Wisconsin by the Green Party, her top lawyer said Saturday.

Trump won't pursue charges against Clinton

US president-elect Donald Trump will not pursue charges against his former Democratic rival, Hillary Clinton, a top aide said Tuesday.

Campaign was "double-sided nasty," Trump says, voicing no regrets

US president-elect Donald Trump described the run-up to the US election as "double-sided nasty," but also said he was proud of how he and his team had run his campaign, in an interview broadcast...

Obama congratulates Trump as Clinton says she's "sorry"

US President Barack Obama on Wednesday invited president-elect Donald Trump to the White House, vowing to have a smooth transition between their presidencies, despite their "significant...

Trump wins three states, Clinton one in early US presidential results

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump was projected to win three states - Indiana, Kentucky and West Virginia - while Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton secured Vermont, as polls began...

Nevada judge rejects Trump request to isolate ballots

A judge in Nevada rejects a request by Donald Trump's lawyers to have the ballots from four early voting sites preserved in case the campaign wanted to contest them later.

Voters face hours-long wait, technical glitches at swing-state polls

Americans going out to polling sites Tuesday were reporting lengthy lines and hours-long wait times, especially in the toss-up states that will determine who becomes president.

Clinton, Trump cast ballots in US presidential election

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump joined voters across the United States on Tuesday in casting ballots for president in an election that brings a long and bitter campaign to a close.

Julian Assange defends leaking Hillary Clinton's emails

Wikileaks founder Julian Assange defended leaking Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton's emails on Tuesday and denied supporting her Republican rival Donald Trump.