Hillary Clinton

Kremlin spokesman: Ambassador met with Clinton advisors too

The Russian ambassador to the United States also met with advisors to Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, a Kremlin spokesman said Sunday, as he dismissed charges of Russian interference in the US presidential election.

US Democratic Party chooses Tom Perez to be next party chief

The US Democratic Party elected former labour secretary Tom Perez as its next party chief at a meeting in Atlanta on Saturday.

US inspector general launches review of FBI actions on Clinton emails

The US Department of Justice inspector general said Thursday he is launching an investigation of how the department and the FBI handled a probe of Hillary Clinton's private email server ahead of the presidential election.

Clintons to attend Trump's swearing-in ceremony

Hillary Clinton, the former opponent of US president-elect Donald Trump, will accompany her husband Bill Clinton to Trump's swearing-in ceremony on January 20, CNN reports, citing Clinton's office.

Trump's victory sealed in US Electoral College vote

Donald Trump on Monday received the outcome he expected from the US Electoral College, a majority among its 538 members, sealing his victory in the US presidential election and clearing the way for his inauguration on January 20.

Electors begin voting in final stage of US presidential election

Members of the US Electoral College have begun voting in their respective states to make the definitive decision in the presidential election.

Clinton: Fake news is an "epidemic" and a threat to safety

Hillary Clinton said Thursday that an "epidemic of malicious fake news and false propaganda" presented a threat to US citizens, local media reported, days after a made-up story led to a shooting incident at a Washington restaurant.

US state of Wisconsin preparing presidential recount

Wisconsin authorities on Monday laid the groundwork for a planned presidential recount, after the Green Party petitioned for a review of election results in the US state.

Clinton campaign joins Green Party's Wisconsin recount effort

Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign will participate in a presidential recount petitioned in the Midwestern state of Wisconsin by the Green Party, her top lawyer said Saturday.

Trump won't pursue charges against Clinton

US president-elect Donald Trump will not pursue charges against his former Democratic rival, Hillary Clinton, a top aide said Tuesday.

Campaign was "double-sided nasty," Trump says, voicing no regrets

US president-elect Donald Trump described the run-up to the US election as "double-sided nasty," but also said he was proud of how he and his team had run his campaign, in an interview broadcast on US television Sunday.

Obama congratulates Trump as Clinton says she's "sorry"

US President Barack Obama on Wednesday invited president-elect Donald Trump to the White House, vowing to have a smooth transition between their presidencies, despite their "significant differences."

Trump wins three states, Clinton one in early US presidential results

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump was projected to win three states - Indiana, Kentucky and West Virginia - while Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton secured Vermont, as polls began closing late Tuesday in the United States.

Nevada judge rejects Trump request to isolate ballots

A judge in Nevada rejects a request by Donald Trump's lawyers to have the ballots from four early voting sites preserved in case the campaign wanted to contest them later.

Voters face hours-long wait, technical glitches at swing-state polls

Americans going out to polling sites Tuesday were reporting lengthy lines and hours-long wait times, especially in the toss-up states that will determine who becomes president.

Clinton, Trump cast ballots in US presidential election

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump joined voters across the United States on Tuesday in casting ballots for president in an election that brings a long and bitter campaign to a close.

Julian Assange defends leaking Hillary Clinton's emails

Wikileaks founder Julian Assange defended leaking Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton's emails on Tuesday and denied supporting her Republican rival Donald Trump.

Election day arrives in US as polls open in eastern states

Election day voting began on the US East Coast, with Americans heading to the polls to make their choice between Democrat Hillary Clinton and Republican Donald Trump after a bitter campaign.

Live Blog: US Presidential Election 2016

Americans will begin casting ballots when polling sites open in several eastern states at 6 am (1100 GMT). This year, however, with more states allowing early voting, millions have already made their choice.

US voters now have their say as grueling presidential campaign ends

One of the most contentious presidential campaigns in US history comes to an end Tuesday, when the question of who will hold the country's highest office is put in the hands of voters.

Trump beats Clinton 32 to 25 in New Hampshire's midnight voting

A trio of small towns in a remote corner of New Hampshire cast the first election day ballots for US president early Tuesday, with Donald Trump beating Hillary Clinton 32 to 25 in the overall count.

Supreme Court declines to intervene in Ohio voter intimidation suit

The US Supreme Court on Monday denied a bid by Democrats in Ohio that sought to keep supporters of Donald Trump from intimidating voters at the state's polls.

Candidates campaigning late into night as US election looms

Democrat Hillary Clinton and Republican Donald Trump are campaigning late into the night Monday in a last pitch to US voters as the final minutes of this presidential campaign tick away.

Italy's Renzi hoping for female outcome in US election

Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi stopped short of declaring his support for Hillary Clinton the day before the US presidential election

Financial markets cast their vote in US election - for Clinton

Global financial markets showed a clear preference for Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton on the eve of the US presidential election, gaining strength Monday as the cloud of the email scandal that has dogged her campaign seemed to lift.

FBI won't recommend charges against Clinton after fresh email probe

The director of the FBI said his agency has not changed its opinion that Hillary Clinton shouldn't face criminal charges for using a private email server while she was secretary of state.

Trump to visit 11 states, Clinton five in last two days of campaign

With the US presidential election just two days away, candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump were scheduled Sunday to campaign in several of the most contested states.

Trump, Clinton campaign in swing states in final election sprint

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton appeared at rallies in multiple US states on Saturday, as they launched their final bids to win votes just three days ahead of the presidential election.

Trump, Clinton make final campaign push in swing state of Florida

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton made their final pitches to voters in the south-eastern US battleground state of Florida on Saturday, trying to drum up support among a divided electorate before the presidential election on November 8.

Clinton with slight poll lead in last weekend before election

New opinion polls on Saturday in the United States show the Democratic party presidential candidate Hillary Clinton slightly ahead of Donald Trump, in the last weekend before the election.

Clinton campaign building "firewall" of support with early votes

Democrat Hillary Clinton's campaign said it sees a high turnout of early voters in key states as a sign Clinton is building a lead over Republican Donald Trump ahead of Tuesday's US presidential election.

Clinton to hold final rally with Obamas, family in Philadelphia

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is to make her final push before Tuesday's elections at a rally next week in the key state of Pennsylvania joined by party luminaries, including President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama.

Survey: Trump takes small lead after Clinton's new email challenge

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump took a small edge in a survey of likely voters released Tuesday, one conducted as news broke last week of renewed scrutiny of Democrat Hillary Clinton's handling of State Department emails.

Trump describes new Clinton emails as "the motherlode"

US Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump said Monday a new FBI investigation into thousands of emails is another demonstration of Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton's ongoing dishonesty.

"There is no case," Clinton says of emails, as lead over Trump slips

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton dismissed a renewed FBI probe of her use of a private email server while secretary of state.

White House won't "criticize or defend" FBI chief on email revelation

The White House says it will not "criticize or defend" FBI Director James Comey's decision to tell Congress that the agency found additional emails that could be related to its investigation of Hillary Clinton's private email server.

Clinton, Trump in tight race as final full week of campaign begins

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are in a tight race as they enter the final full week of campaigning ahead of the US presidential election, opinion polls showed Monday.

Clinton campaign on defensive after FBI says email probe to continue

Hillary Clinton's campaign manager on Sunday demanded the head of the Federal Bureau of Investigation explain its decision to reopen its investigation of the Democratic presidential nominee's email.

Clinton calls for FBI to release "full facts" of email review

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton called on the FBI Friday to release "the full and complete facts" of its review of her use of a private email server while she was secretary of state.

FBI investigating additional Clinton emails

The FBI says it is reviewing new emails that could be relevant to its investigation into Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton's handling of classified information, FBI Director James Comey told members of Congress on Friday.

Clinton has tens of millions more to spend in final weeks of election

Democrat Hillary Clinton has tens of millions more dollars to spend in the final weeks of the US election than Republican rival Donald Trump.

US State Department releases more Clinton emails

The US State Department on Thursday released 1,250 pages of emails from Hillary Clinton's email account that had been recovered during an FBI investigation into her use of a private email server.

Trump vows to "totally accept" election result if he wins

Republican candidate Donald Trump said Thursday he would accept the results of the US presidential election if he wins, doubling down on his comments in the final presidential debate that cast doubt on his respect for the electoral process.

Trump plans to maintain "suspense" on accepting US election result

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump refuses to say he will concede the US election if he loses to Democratic opponent Hillary Clinton.

Trump's conspiracy claims expected to ring throughout debate

The third and final debate between US presidential nominees Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton takes place Wednesday in Las Vegas, and odds are it will generate a great deal of interest even though traditionally the third debate in a US presidential campaign is the least interesting.

Assange's internet cut after leak of Clinton documents

Wikileaks founder Julian Assange had his internet access cut off after his platform leaked documents about US Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, the website said Monday.

Poll: Most Republicans fear election could be stolen

A majority of Republicans say they fear the presidential election could be "stolen" from the party's candidate, Donald Trump, according to a poll released Monday.

Trump calls Saturday Night Live portrayal of him "hit job"

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump took to Twitter on Sunday to vent his anger about the portrayal of him on US sketch comedy show Saturday Night Live.

Trump calls for Clinton to take drug test

Republican Donald Trump called Saturday for Hillary Clinton to take a drug test before the candidates face off in their third debate next week.

Trump's targets in Ohio: Clinton, the establishment and the media

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump's rally in downtown Cincinnati, Ohio was packed and passionate. He blasted his opponent and directed his fury at the media. A short distance away, President Barack Obama was Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton's surrogate for the day, stealing some of Trump's thunder.

Erdogan slams Clinton's "political dilettantism" for Kurd comments

Turkey's president has criticized US presidential candidate Hillary Clinton's "political inexperience" for her comments on arming Kurdish rebels in the fight against Islamic State.

Verdict in Ohio from Women for Trump: Clinton was smug, Trump shone

Women for Trump, a group that formed about two months ago over the perception that women voters were not behind the candidate, are keeping the faith in Trumbull County, Ohio. On debate night it was policy issues, not Trump's sex talk, they wanted to hear about.

Trump and Clinton clash over "locker room talk"

Presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump wasted no time in their second debate Sunday night before talking about the 2005 recording of his lewd talk about groping women, which has thrown his Republican Party into turmoil.

WikiLeaks publishes alleged excerpts from Clinton speeches to bankers

Emails made public by the website WikiLeaks appear to include details about what Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton told Wall Street banks in private speeches for which she earned hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Clinton gains 5-point lead over Trump following debate

Democrat Hillary Clinton has gained a five-point lead over her Republican rival Donald Trump after last week's first presidential debate, according to an opinion poll published Monday.

Clinton blasts Trump over tax losses; Trump says he will "fix" system

US presidential nominee Hillary Clinton on Monday went after her opponent Donald Trump over his possible use of deductions from business losses in the 1990s to avoid paying income taxes for several years.

Trump blasts Clinton for using beauty queen against him

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump went after Democratic rival Hillary Clinton on Friday for highlighting his treatment of a former Miss Universe.

Clinton satisfied with debate as Trump vows to "hit harder"

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton told reporters on Tuesday that she felt "positive" about her performance against Republican Donald Trump in the first presidential debate, while Trump vowed to take his gloves off and "hit her harder" in the next performance next month.

Muslim-American group endorses Clinton, blasts "bigoted" Trump

A Muslim-American lobby group is endorsing Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton and vowing to "work to mobilize Muslim Americans across the United States to defeat Donald Trump this November."

Clinton, Trump spar on trade, allies, security in fiery first debate

US presidential hopefuls Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton clashed Monday on their domestic and international agendas in a wide-ranging first debate filled with personal attacks and acrimony.

First Trump-Clinton debate set to draw sky-high number of viewers

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton face off Monday in a presidential debate that could be the most-watched in US history, with the high-stakes showdown expected to attract up to 100 million viewers.

Clinton, Trump in dead heat ahead of presidential debate

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are in a virtual dead heat in the opinion polls ahead of the first presidential debate, the Washington Post newspaper reported Sunday.

Most US voters pick candidate because they dislike other choice

About a third of US voters supporting Democrat Hillary Clinton and Republican Donald Trump are doing so primarily because they dislike the other candidate, a poll released Wednesday found.

Trump sparks fresh fury with Clinton gun comments

US Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump sparked fresh controversy late Friday after he appeared to refer to the potential assassination of his Democratic rival Hillary Clinton for a second time.

Clinton calls for Trump to stop questioning Obama's nationality

Presidential nominee Hillary Clinton called Friday for rival Donald Trump to clearly repudiate his own history of questioning President Barack Obama's nationality.

Clinton says campaign break helped her refocus

Hillary Clinton returned Thursday to the US presidential campaign, saying her three days off helped her "reconnect with what this campaign is about."

Former US secretary of state's hacked email published on internet

The email account of former US secretary of state Colin Powell has been hacked, revealing his critical views of the two US presidential candidates.

US presidential candidates release details about their health

As Hillary Clinton prepared to head out on the campaign trail on Thursday, her personal doctor released a letter saying the US presidential candidate is responding well to treatment for pneumonia.

Obama campaigns for sidelined Clinton: "Hillary's tough"

US President Barack Obama on Tuesday rallied his own supporters behind the Democratic Party's nominee for the November general election, Hillary Clinton, who was off the campaign trail recovering from pneumonia.

Clinton, now feeling better, "ignored doctor's advice"

US presidential candidate Hillary Clinton went into damage control on Monday to explain her near collapse after leaving a 9-11 memorial service a day earlier, saying she had not heeded her doctor's advice.

Trump says he hopes Clinton "gets well soon"

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump on Monday said he hopes his Democratic rival Hillary Clinton "gets well soon," a day after her campaign revealed she was suffering from pneumonia.

Clinton pneumonia diagnosis revealed after abrupt 9/11 event exit

Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton has been diagnosed with pneumonia, her doctor said Sunday, after the former secretary of state made an early exit from an event commemorating the September 11, 2001, terror attacks in New York.

Clinton leaves September 11 event early after falling ill

Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton left an event commemorating the September 11, 2001, terror attacks in New York after feeling "overheated," according to a campaign statement.

Clinton blasts Trump supporters, later clarifies

Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton backtracked somewhat late Saturday from comments in which she had blasted "half" the supporters of conservative rival Donald trump as "irredeemable" hate-mongers.

Clinton, under pressure, blasts Trump in rare press conference

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton on Thursday held her first formal press conference in nearly nine months, going on the offensive against Republican nominee Donald Trump.

Personal attacks fly on US presidential campaign trail

The US presidential candidates traded personal attacks on Tuesday as they provided more access to reporters trying to keep up with the quickening pace of the campaign.

Clinton, Trump campaign in US industrial heartland on Labour Day

US presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump crossed paths Monday as both took advantage of the US Labour Day holiday to campaign for votes in north-eastern Ohio and other labour strongholds ahead of November's election.

FBI releases detailed report on Clinton email investigation

The FBI on Friday released a summary of an interview its agents conducted two months ago with Hillary Clinton over her use of a private email server while she was secretary of state.

Clinton aide Huma Abedin to leave husband after his latest sexting scandal

A top aide to Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton on Monday announced that she will separate from her husband after he was caught in another embarrassing sexting incident.

FBI turns over nearly 15,000 more Clinton mails to State Department

The State Department must review nearly 15,000 previously undisclosed emails from a private email server used by Hillary Clinton while secretary of state and determine which ones can be released, the State Department said Monday.

Clintons earned 10 million dollars in 2015, paid 43 per cent in taxes

Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton and her husband, former president Bill Clinton, earned more than 10 million dollars last year and paid taxes of about 43 per cent on their income, according to her campaign.

Clinton proposes economic programme with major investment in jobs

Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton gave details Thursday of how her economic plan would grow the number of jobs and increase incomes, contrasting her proposals against opponent Donald Trump's platform.

Clinton fires back at Trump for saying Obama "founded" Islamic State

Hillary Clinton's campaign on Thursday accused Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump of "trash-talking" the United States for saying that President Barack Obama founded the Islamic State.

Salvos fly as Trump suggests "Second Amendment people" stop Clinton

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, shooting from the hip in a Tuesday speech, appeared to suggest that only pro-gun enthusiasts could keep a potential president Hillary Clinton from abolishing gun rights through her selection of Supreme Court judges.

Benghazi families sue Clinton, as prominent Republican shuns Trump

The families of two US citizens killed in a 2012 terror attack on the US consulate in Benghazi, Libya, have filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, according to media reports.

Trump lays out economic vision, touts tax cuts, regulatory reforms

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, calling his opponent Hillary Clinton a "candidate of the past," laid out his economic vision Monday to "jump start" America.

Clinton points to "short circuit" in discussion of FBI probe

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton on Friday acknowledged discrepancies in her recent remarks about an FBI investigation into her use of a private email server and said she will work to gain the trust of a skeptical public.

Trump lashes out at "devil" Clinton, claims election could be rigged

After referring to her as "Crooked Hillary" for months, Donald Trump labelled the Democratic presidential nominee "the devil" and suggested the November elections could be rigged, at two campaign rallies on Monday.

Clinton accepts nomination with "humility," "boundless determination"

Hillary Clinton has accepted the Democratic Party's presidential nomination, setting up a showdown between the former secretary of state and Republican Donald Trump in November elections.

Democrats make history: Clinton is their presidential nominee

The Democratic Party made history Tuesday by nominating Hillary Clinton, a former first lady and secretary of state, to run for US president as the first woman to head a major party's presidential ticket.

Head of Democratic Party resigns on eve of convention

A controversy over bias within the party leadership favouring Hillary Clinton on Sunday rocked the Democratic Party on the eve of its national convention in Philadelphia.

Kaine considered safe choice as Clinton's running mate

In naming Tim Kaine as her running mate, Hillary Clinton made a safe choice.

Clinton touts running mate Kaine as progressive

US presidential candidate Hillary Clinton on Saturday introduced her running mate, Senator Tim Kaine, as a "progressive who likes to get things done."

After Baton Rouge: Clinton calls for unity, Trump blasts Obama

Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton call for unity after three Louisiana police officers die in an apparent assault on law enforcement. Conservative presidential candidate Donald Trump declares that the president "doesn't have a clue."

US Justice Department won't charge Clinton after email investigation

The US Justice Department will not charge Hillary Clinton over her use of a private email server while secretary of state, after the FBI said she acted carelessly but had not committed a crime, Attorney General Loretta Lynch said.

FBI director not recommending criminal charges in Clinton email probe

The FBI is not recommending criminal charges be brought against Hillary Clinton over the use of her private email server while secretary of state, Director James Comey said Tuesday.

Donald Trump under fire for anti-Semitic tweet

The head of the Anti-Defamation League called Sunday on Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump to denounce anti-Semitic supporters after he published an image of Hillary Clinton with a Star of David on his Twitter page.

Hillary Clinton interviewed by FBI in email probe

Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton was interviewed for three and a half hours by the FBI on Saturday amid a probe into her use of a private email server while secretary of state.

New poll in US shows deepening unease with Trump

Support for US Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has plummeted to 39 per cent, a poll released Sunday showed.

Sanders says he will vote for Clinton in US presidential election

Bernie Sanders will vote for Democratic rival Hillary Clinton in November's US presidential election, but stopped short of endorsing the former secretary of state in an interview on Friday with MSNBC.