Croatia's Helsinki Committee warns of deteriorating human rights

The Croatian Helsinki Committee on Human Rights (HHO) on Friday presented awards for outstanding contribution to the protection and promotion of human rights.

Helsinki Committee urges govt involvement in fate of post-WWII victims

The executive board of the Croatian Helsinki Committee for Human Rights (HHO) on Tuesday urged the Croatian government to take a more active role toward the issue of WWII and post-war victims, to strengthen cooperation with Slovenian authorities in this regard and to make decisions on the fate of the victims as well as adopting a new law that would completely resolve these problems.

HHO dismisses accusations against new culture minister

The HHO insists that Croatian anti-Fascists-Communists, who were "Stalin's proxies", conducted the armed and ideological struggle against the idea of Croatian state and persecuted and executed advocates of the idea of the Croatian state.

HHO presents awards for human rights promotion

"At a time when a real war of words was being fought in Croatia, the calm and civilised actions of the person holding the second highest office in Croatia were all too important,"

HHO says election campaign marked by calls for rigid side-taking

Election victory is not proven with petitions but with declared election results, and the winner is the group or the party that wins the most seats in the Sabor, ...