Analysing seemingly identical products in Croatia and Germany starts

A contract on sampling and analysing products to see if there are differences between the same products in Croatian and German stores was signed earlier this week in the Dr Andrija Stampar Institute of Public Health in Zagreb.

Croatia's 6-year-olds with four teeth affected by caries on average

Croatia's six-year-olds on average have four teeth affected by tooth decay, and the prevalence of dental caries in this age cohort places Croatia at the bottom of the list of European Union member-states, with only Bulgaria faring worse.

Measles outbreak kills 15 children in eastern Afghanistan

A measles outbreak has killed 15 children in Afghanistan’s eastern Nuristan province in the past three weeks, Hafiz Abdul Qayoom, the provincial governor, said on Sunday.

US Congress halts health care reforms in blow to Trump agenda

US President Donald Trump's health care plan failed Friday in the House of Representatives, as his own conservative Republican Party was too divided to pass the measure.

Trump issues ultimatum to Republicans over Obamacare

US President Donald Trump on Thursday told Republicans to back his plan to repeal and replace Obamacare or lose all opportunity of reforming it, US media reported.

Bird flu discovery prompts Japan to cull 288,000 chickens

Japanese authorities started to slaughter about 288,000 chickens at poultry farms in two prefectures after bird flu was confirmed early Friday.

US House postpones health care vote in blow to Trump's agenda

The US House of Representatives cancelled a Thursday vote on legislation to overhaul the US health care system after around two dozen conservatives refused to back President Donald Trump's first major legislative push, Republican lawmakers said.

Republican hard-liners say they will block Trump's health-care plan

A group of conservative legislators within the US Republican Party said Wednesday that they had enough votes to block legislation backed by President Donald Trump to replace the current health insurance system.

120 schoolchildren hospitalized in Egypt for food poisoning

Some 120 schoolchildren in an Egyptian province had to be taken to hospital this week after showing symptoms of food poisoning, a health official said Wednesday.

Estimate: US health care plan could leave 24 million uninsured

The proposed replacement for America's current government health care plan would save money through 2026, but could leave 24 million people without insurance, according to a government agency tasked with performing cost-benefit analyses of proposals.

Abortion tourism: Polish women seek help in Germany

For women with unwanted pregnancies, Poland offers little support. In a country where politicians and clerics seek to restrict access to abortions and contraception, many seek help in neighbouring Germany.

Indian police find 19 female foetuses, probe ordered

Nineteen aborted female foetuses were discovered by police in India's western state of Maharashtra, police said on Monday.

UN: 1.7 million children die from environmental causes each year

The lives of 1.7 million young children are cut short each year by pollution and other environmental dangers, the World Health Organization (WHO) said Monday in Geneva.

At least 110 killed by cholera, hunger in drought-stricken Somalia

At least 110 people were killed by hunger and a cholera outbreak within the last 48 hours in Somalia, which faces a severe drought, Prime Minister Hassan Ali Khaire said Saturday.

Trump's ban on funds for family planning prompts global initiative

Delegates from more than 50 countries gathered Thursday in Brussels to find ways to plug the funding gap resulting from President Donald Trump's order barring aid to international organizations that discuss abortion as a family-planning option. 

Bill restricting tobacco use sent to parliament for consideration

The Croatian government on Thursday forwarded to parliament a bill restricting the use of tobacco and related products, over whose delay Croatia had faced the risk of EU sanctions. Among other things, the bill puts e-cigarettes on a par with other tobacco products and bans their use in places where smoking is prohibited.

40,000 Croats suffer from anorexia and bulimia

More than 40,000 Croatians, mostly girls and young women aged between 12 and 30, suffer from anorexia, bulimia or some other eating disorder and that number is growing each year, experts at the centre for eating disorders BEA have reported.

Dengue fever risk growing in Thailand, authorities say

Dengue fever is posing a greater threat in Thailand, particularly in the southern region, the country's Disease Control Department said Sunday, as the number of people killed by the mosquito-borne disease this year stands at six.

Between 250,000 and 300,000 Croatians suffer from rare diseases

Rare Disease Day, observed on February 28, was marked in Zagreb's Cvjetni Trg Square on Saturday.

WHO: More than 300 million suffer from depression as world ages

The global number of people with depression has risen by 18 per cent to 322 million in the past decade, the World Health Organization (WHO) said Thursday, demanding greater attention for high-risk groups.

France to slaughter 600,000 ducks to eradicate bird flu

French authorities are planning to slaughter some 600,000 ducks in order to eradicate bird flu from a south-western region, Agriculture Minister Stephane Le Foll confirmed on Tuesday.

Beijing bans poultry from provinces affected by bird flu

Beijing authorities have banned all live birds and poultry products from provinces affected by bird flu, state media reported Friday.

WHO: Yellow fever epidemic ends in Congo

A vaccination campaign in the Democratic Republic of Congo has brought an end to the central African country's deadly yellow fever epidemic, the World Health Organization said Tuesday.

Taipei, Beijing warn of bird flu outbreak

Taiwan raised its bird flu alert on Monday after the highly pathogenic virus strain killed more than 3,000 birds at a turkey farm in the west of the country, the government said.

Dozens ill with carbon monoxide poisoning at Belgian go-kart track

Around 70 people fell ill with carbon monoxide poisoning at a Belgian go-karting track late Saturday, the news agency Belga reported.

Heaviest woman - at 500 kg - leaves Egypt for treatment in Mumbai

A 36-year-old Egyptian woman - reportedly the heaviest in the world, at 500 kilograms - reached Mumbai Saturday in a cargo plane with hopes high that several rounds of surgery could help her reduce weight.

Parliament in favour of inquiry commission for Institute of Immunology

Croatian lawmakers were unanimous in their position on Friday that an inquiry commission should be set up to establish responsibility for the situation in the Institute of Immunology in Zagreb.

European nations hit back at Trump's anti-abortion measure

Four European nations will host an international meeting next month aimed at countering President Donald Trump's order that blocks US funding for charities that provide abortion-related services.

Chinese woman gives birth to baby from 16-year-old frozen embryo

China's adoption of a two-child policy last year has spurred a woman in Guangdong province to give birth to a baby from a 16-year-old frozen embryo, Chinese state media reported on Tuesday.

Eastern Taiwan on disease alert after first case of H5N6 bird flu

Disease containment measures were imposed in eastern Taiwan on Tuesday a day after health authorities confirmed the first case of H5N6 avian flu.

Croatia needs national plan for cancer prevention, says expert

The Croatian Cancer League head, Damir Eljuga, said at a news conference on Saturday that the country must draw up a national cancer prevention plan.

Philippines says no to condom distribution in public schools

The Philippines' education department has rejected a proposal to distribute condoms in public high schools, hurting efforts to curb HIV/AIDS in the country, Human Rights Watch said Friday.

Grabar-Kitarovic: Croatia will stay committed to promoting healthy lifestyles

Croatian President Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovic on Thursday received EU Commissioner for Health and Food Safety Vytenis Andriukaitis, whom she informed about matters pertaining to Croatia's public health policy, her office said.

Almost 100 mentally ill patients died in South Africa due to neglect

Close to a hundred mentally ill people died of neglect after being transferred to unlicensed facilities to cut costs, health ombudsman Malegapuru Makgoba said Wednesday.

EHCI: Croatia's health system ranks 19th among 35 European countries

According to the 2016 Euro Health Consumer Index (EHCI) 2016 Report, Croatia's health system ranked 19th among 35 European countries and compared to the 2015 report, Croatia fell by 3 steps.

German NGO: Trump's abortion rule endangers women around the world

President Donald Trump's executive order barring international non-governmental organizations from receiving US aid if they provide abortion services will put the lives of women and girls at risk, a German reproductive health NGO said Tuesday.

New bird flu virus type discovered in northern Germany

A new variant of bird flu has been discovered in domesticated animals in the northern German state of Schleswig-Holstein, the state agriculture ministry reported Monday.

Croatia marks Mimosa Day to raise awareness of cervical cancer prevention

Every day one Croatian woman is diagnosed with cervical cancer and every third day one Croatian woman dies of that disease, however, a considerable drop in the incidence rate has been observed recently.

Bees, not snakes or spiders, cause most deaths in Australia

Bees and other insects are the biggest public health threat in Australia when it comes to deadly bites and stings, according to new research.

Plague kills at least 27 in Madagascar

At least 27 people in southern Madagascar have died from the plague, health authorities on the island said Monday.

US congress takes first step in Obamacare repeal

The US Congress moved forward with the first step in Republican efforts to repeal President Barack Obama's signature health insurance reforms, advancing a budget measure that would initiate a complex process designed to gut the law.

Philippines' Duterte orders free contraceptives for 6 million women

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte has ordered government agencies to provide free contraceptives and other reproductive health services to 6 million women, despite a temporary ban by the Supreme Court.

Faculty of Electrical Engineering wins bicycle-friendly certificate

The Croatian Trade Union of Cyclists on Thursday bestowed upon the Zagreb-based Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing (FER) a certificate showing that this tertiary education institution is cycle-friendly.

Sydney issues air pollution alert as temperatures soar

An air pollution alert has been issued for Sydney as much of city and surrounding areas brace for sweltering summer heat, according to health officials. 

Northern China drops pollution warnings as smog moves south

People in northern China were Monday enjoying a rare respite from choking air pollution as the smog which choked the area for weeks moved to the country's south.

71% of Croatians visited their GP in one year

The results of a European Health Survey for 2014-2015, which examines the health of citizens, indicate that in the past 12 months 71% of Croatian citizens visited their general practitioner, 46.9% visited a specialist, 44.3% visited their dentist and 10.6% were hospitalised, the Croatian Institute of Public Health (HZJZ) has said presenting the findings.

Flu kills two in Croatia

Two Croatians who contracted the influenza died of that infectious disease in the last week of 2016, and Croatia is being hit by a large-scale outbreak with several thousand suffering from the flu in all parts of the country, the head of of the National Influenza Centre, Vladimir Drazenovic, told Hina on Tuesday.

South Korea lifts tariffs on egg imports amid bird-flu crisis

South Korea's cabinet on Tuesday decided to lift tariffs on egg imports amid a shortage caused by the worst bird-flu crisis in the country's history, Yonhap news agency reported, citing officials.

Bird flu detected among poultry in northeast Croatia, no risk for human health

Avian influenza has been diagnosed among domestic poultry in the village of Kriznica on the bank of the Drava River, which is the first case of bird flu among domestic poultry in Croatia, Assistant Agriculture Minister Damir Agicic said on Friday, underscoring that there was no health danger for humans.

Hospital may have given women wrong sperm during fertility treatment

Twenty-six women may have been given the wrong sperm during fertility treatment, the University Hospital in the Dutch city of Utrecht said on Wednesday.

107,000 chickens to be culled in Japan after bird flu discovery

Japanese authorities said Tuesday they had ordered the culling of 110,000 chickens at a poultry farm on the southern island of Kyushu after a highly pathogenic strain of H5 avian influenza was confirmed.

Bird flu in South Korea: 26 million chickens already culled

Some 26 million chickens have had to be killed in South Korea, officials said, to help combat the country's most serious ever bird flu epidemic.

Over 70 confirmed dead after drinking bath essence in Russia

Seventy-two people in the past week have died from drinking alcohol-based bath essence in the Siberian region of Irkutsk, local authorities said Thursday in the latest update to a rising death toll.

11 detained over Russian bath essence poisoning as death toll rises

Eleven people in the Siberian city of Irkutsk have been detained amid a rising death toll from locals drinking berry-scented bath essence, authorities said Wednesday.

Death toll from drinking bath essence climbs to 55 people in Russia

Fifty-five people have died from drinking alcohol-based bath essence in the Siberian city of Irkutsk, health officials said Tuesday as the death toll continued to climb.

At least 49 dead in Russia after drinking toxic alcohol

At least 49 people in the Siberian city of Irkutsk have died after drinking berry-scented bath essence containing a toxic form of alcohol, methanol, authorities said Monday.

Dr Heimlich, inventor of life-saving first aid procedure, dies at 96

Henry Heimlich, a US doctor who developed a life-saving first aid manoeuvre for choking that bears his name, has died at the age of 96, his family said Saturday.

British regulator approves use of "three-parent baby" technology

A British government regulator approved the use of "three-parent baby" technology for eliminating inherited mitochondrial diseases on Thursday, hailing it as a "historic decision."

525 doctors leave Croatia in search of work in past 3.5 years

As many as 525 physicians have emigrated from Croatia in search of employment abroad in the last three and a half years, the Croatian Medical Chamber (HLK) said in Zagreb on Wednesday.

Report: London is Europe's cocaine capital, just not at weekend

London is Europe's cocaine capital, but only from Monday to Friday, according to research released on Tuesday into drug use across the continent.

Possible penalties prompt Croatia to start changing tobacco law

Last week, the Croatian Ministry of Health launched a public consultation on draft amendments to the law on the restricted use of tobacco products, which incorporate provisions of the European Union's Tobacco Product Directive.

1 in every 4 people aged 15 or over in EU is a smoker

While slightly over three-quarters (76.0%) of those aged 15 or over living in the European Union (EU) were nonsmokers in 2014, 19.2% smoked any kind of tobacco products on a daily basis and a further 4.7% on an occasional basis, the EU statistical office Eurostat said earlier this week, citing information from the European Health Interview Survey.  

NGO accuses UN health rapporteur of overstepping his authority

"In the name of the family" association has issued a strongly-worded statement criticising UN's special rapporteur on the right to health, Dainius Puras, for having overstepped his authority in his comment on a state of affairs in Croatia.

Four die of the plague in Madagascar

Four people have died from the plague in Madagascar, the Health Ministry announced Wednesday.

Egypt arrests 41 over alleged organ-trafficking ring

Egyptian authorities said on Tuesday they had broken up a major organ-trafficking ring, arresting 41 people including doctors, nurses and university professors.

Croatia world's no. 1 in organ transplants

With 40 organ donors per one million people, Croatia is the number one country in the world in organ transplants, first according to the number of liver and kidney transplants and second according to heart transplants, and if Croatia can take pride in something, it is transplantation medicine, heard the first congress of the Croatian Transplantation Medicine Association, which started in Zagreb on Friday.

Italian doctor-nurse couple suspected of killing at least 10 people

An Italian doctor-nurse couple arrested earlier this week in connection with 45 deaths are suspected of having killed more than 10 people during 2011-2014, media reports said Thursday citing prosecution papers.

HIV infections among adolescents could rise 60 per cent by 2030

New HIV infections among adolescents could rise from 250,000 last year to nearly 400,000 annually by 2030, if progress against the virus stalls, the UN children’s fund UNICEF said Thursday.

HIV infection incidence in Croatia remains low

For the past 28 years, Croatia and the rest of the world have been observing World AIDS Day on December 1 in order to raise awareness of HIV/AIDS, risks, protection, the importance of prevention, early diagnose and treatment, the need for solidarity with those ill, and of reducing the stigma and discrimination to which they are exposed.

310,000 chickens to be killed in Japan after bird flu confirmed

Authorities began culling 310,000 chickens at a farm on the Sea of Japan coast early Tuesday after a highly pathogenic strain of H5 avian influenza was detected in five birds, local authorities said.

190,000 ducks culled in the Netherlands after bird flu discovery

The Netherlands' Economy Ministry said Saturday that 190,000 ducks had been culled after a strain of bird flu was discovered in the country's north-east.

16,000 turkeys to be killed in Germany as bird flu spreads rapidly

On the same day as the first case of aggressive bird flu was confirmed at a commercial farm in the German state of Lower Saxony, local authorities have ordered the death of 16,000 turkeys.

Bird flu spreading rapidly, German expert says

Bird flu is spreading rapidly across northern Europe, probably carried by wildfowl that do not show any symptoms, a German expert said on Wednesday.

Bird flu detected in Danish duck flock

Danish authorities on Monday said bird flu had been detected in tame ducks and urged poultry farmers to adhere to precautionary measures to avoid a possible spread.

Millions more access HIV treatment, but young women remain vulnerable

The number of people around the world receiving treatment for HIV has doubled in five years, the UN HIV/AIDS programme UNAIDS said on Monday.

Bird flu spreads in Germany ahead of planned cull of 8,800 geese

New cases of bird flu have been recorded in several cities and districts of southern Germany, local authorities said on Sunday, days before the planned cull of 8,800 geese in the north of the country.

WHO declares end of Zika global health emergency

Zika no longer constitutes a global health emergency because intensified research during the past months has provided a better understanding of the virus, the World Health Organization (WHO) said in Geneva on Friday.

International health tourism conference opens in Crikvenica

The Croatian health tourism industry is developing year-round services as more and more tourists come to Croatia to use its health services, and the country should make most of the possibilities in this area, an international conference on health tourism said in the northern coastal resort of Crikvenica on Thursday.

Swiss take countrywide bird flu precautions as virus route emerges

Poultry farmers across Switzerland have been ordered to feed their animals indoors to halt the outbreak of bird flu that has spread in several European countries, the Swiss veterinary authority said Tuesday.

Avian flu brought to central Europe by birds migrating from Russia

An outbreak of avian flu in at least six European countries was likely caused by birds migrating from Russia, according to Germany's national animal health institute.

After calling it a "disaster," Trump says parts of Obamacare are OK

Aspects of President Barack Obama's healthcare reform law should be kept intact, Donald Trump has said in an interview, after spending months calling for its complete repeal.

Six European countries confirm bird flu outbreaks

Six European countries have confirmed outbreaks of a dangerous strain of bird flu, which has caused alarm in Germany where the H5N8 virus spread further on Thursday.

Bird flu virus spreading among wildfowl in Europe as winter sets in

A subtype of the influenza virus is spreading among wildfowl in some European countries, the agriculture ministry in a southern German state reported on Wednesday.

WHO: Children targeted in digital marketing for unhealthy foods

More measures are needed to regulate marketing for unhealthy foods that target children online, a European health agency said Friday.

Cambodia bans commercial surrogacy

Cambodia's Ministry of Health has issued a ban on commercial surrogacy, the Cambodia Daily reported on Thursday. 

Health institute: Germany registers 200 cases of Zika in one year

About 204 cases of the Zika virus have been registered with German authorities over the past year, 154 of those since it became compulsory to do so on May 1, the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) said Tuesday.

23 Zika infections so far in Vietnam

Vietnamese authorities have now reported 23 Zika virus infections, with 12 new cases diagnosed in Ho Chi Minh City, state-run media reported Tuesday.

Contaminated water: More than 350 people hospitalized in Russia

More than 350 people in the southern Russian region of Dagestan have been hospitalized for intestinal problems after drinking contaminated water, state news agency TASS reported Sunday.

Vietnam reports first case of Zika-linked microcephaly

Vietnam has confirmed its first case of microcephaly thought to have been caused by the Zika virus, authorities said on Sunday.

First case of Zika virus discovered in Myanmar

Authorities confirmed the first case of the mosquito-borne Zika virus in Myanmar, according to a statement from the Ministry of Health. 

Expert: UN avoiding responsibility for Haiti cholera is a "disgrace"

The reluctance of the United Nations to accept responsibility for allegedly causing the 2010 cholera outbreak in Haiti was a "deeply flawed" approach and a "disgrace," a UN human rights expert said Tuesday.

Croatia needs more investment in oncology

Croatia allocated only 16 euros for oncology per capita per year and more investments in new treatment technologies are urgently needed to facilitate efforts to control malignant disease, it was said this past Tuesday at the presentation of the national cancer campaign "We can. I can."

Pakistan top court rules schizophrenics can be executed

Pakistan's Supreme Court has ruled that schizophrenia is not categorized as a mental illness, meaning the appeal of a death row prisoner suffering from the disorder is effectively denied, reported local media Friday.

Ministry: Eggs from Poland taken off market

The Croatian Agriculture Ministry said in a press release on Thursday that eggs from Poland suspected of being the source of a salmonella outbreak were being taken off the market.

More than 800,000 facing "alarming" food insecurity in Madagascar

About 840,000 people are facing “alarming levels” of food insecurity in southern Madagascar, United Nations agencies warned Thursday.

New health minister says against abortion but also against banning it

The new Health Minister, Milan Kujundzic, said in his first interview as minister on Thursday that he was against abortion but also against a ban on abortion, describing prayer meetings outside hospitals as "a bit awkward".

Zika epidemic declared in Ho Chi Minh City

A Zika epidemic has been declared in parts of Ho Chi Minh City, local media reported Thursday.

EU funds given to Slovenia and Croatia to treat dementia

 Several Slovenian and Croatian health organisations in cooperation with retirement homes in Izola and Koper in Slovenia and Umag in Croatia will work on improving the quality of life of people suffering from dementia and Alzheimer's Disease as part of a cross-border cooperation programme with about 400,000 euro secured through European Union funds.

Vrapce hospital gets 68 mln kuna for Forensic Psychiatry Center

An agreement on a grant from EU funds earmarked for the construction of the Forensic Psychiatry Centre, worth HRK 68 million, was signed in Zagreb's Psychiatric Clinic Vrapce on Tuesday.

Croatia 12th in world in cochlear implant surgeries

As many as 700 cochlear implants (CI) have been implanted in Croatia in the past 20 years, which puts Croatia in the 12th place in the world.