government crisis

HDZ proposes Finance Minister Zdravko Maric as new prime minister-designate

The Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) Presidency decided on Friday afternoon to propose incumbent Finance Minister Zdravko Maric as the new prime minister-designate in a government reshuffle. 

HSS to support Oreskovic's impeachment

The presidency's first conclusion is that the HSS supports the dissolution of this government because Tihomir Oreskovic lacks political legitimacy and that HSS MPs should vote no confidence in the prime minister and support his impeachment, said Beljak.

Oreskovic requests meeting with President

President Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovic on Friday afternoon received Prime Minister Tihomir Oreskovic in her office at his request.

Oreskovic: I won't step down and will respond to accusations in the Sabor

He underscored that the situation would be resolved in parliament. "The Sabor will decide whether there will be an election or not," he added.

President calls for resolving gov't crisis as soon as possible

President Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovic on Friday called on all political stakeholders in the country to see to it that the government crisis was resolved as soon as possible, noting that interests of the state came before party or personal interests.

Petrov: HDZ should prove support of 76 MPs or nominate new deputy PM

Petrov called on the HDZ to line up the 76 deputies allegedly supporting it in parliament for a government reshuffle or to nominate someone else to replace Karamarko as deputy prime minister, or else a snap election will be called.

HDZ will not succumb to ultimatums but is prepared for "talks"

Croatian Document Union (HDZ) MP Ivan Suker in reaction to Bridge leader Bozo Petrov's statement to the press on Wednesday, said the HDZ would not succumb to any ultimatum, however "everything can be discussed."

HDZ MEPs oppose move to topple government

The HDZ MEPs note that the stability of the government is the key to economic recovery, which "is the main priority of our programme aimed at securing the betterment of Croatian citizens."

HDZ: Motion for no-confidence vote in PM under way

Asked whether they had a new prime-minister designate, Suker said that the only topic today was "Oreskovic's impeachment." "When that is resolved, we will move onto the next topic," he said.

Karamarko sure that there is time to establish new HDZ govt

Asked by reporters if the HDZ would have enough support from lawmakers to vote no confidence in PM Oreskovic, the HDZ chief said that he called on all who think that the current performance (of the government) was not good to help halt this trend.

Analysts: Oreskovic drives last nail in govt's coffin

Puhovski believes that Karamarko and perhaps Petrov will refuse to leave because they do not have anyone in their ranks to replace them.

Danish minister resigns, bringing government crisis to a head

Danish Environment and Food Minister Eva Kjer Hansen resigned Saturday after having lost support in parliament, bringing to head a government crisis in the Scandinavian country.