Parliamentary parties reluctant to disclose their creditors

Not even after the Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) was shocked by a revelation that the party took out loans from private companies, are other parliamentary parties willing to disclose who their creditors are or conditions under which they have taken their loans.

NGOs say president should declare her ties to Football Federation, Mamic

"A politically and socially responsible reaction must focus on the poor and potentially criminal management of the HNS without democratic supervision. The HNS does not see itself as an organisation of public interest but as a 'private circle of football employees'.  

Bandic, Rusak, GONG talk government crisis

Independent MP Gordana Rusak said she was for solving the current situation as soon as possible and that a new election was perhaps the best option.

Hasanbegovic dismisses claims about campaign against media

"The Council had the opportunity to state its position in its report. This is not a landing operation on the media scene, this is the assault on Drvar,"...

GONG: Number of complaints about voting irregularities expectedly increased

GONG also singled out a complaint about the deputy head of Draz municipality and an election observer, Sandor Sipus, calling on voters to vote for Hungarian ethnic minority candidate

All age groups in Croatia need civic education, media literacy, says round table

The most relevant sources of information to young people are social networks, peers, web portals and parents, while daily consumption of 'traditional' media is relatively poor.
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