RWE Croatia buys majority stake in 2 gas supply companies in Koprivnica

The RWE Hrvatska company has signed a HRK 51 million (EUR 6.8 million) gas business deal with the Komunalac public utility from the northern town of Koprivnica whereby it acquired a 75% stake in the local gas supply operators Koprivnica Plin and Koprivnica Opskrba.

Nigerian militants attacking oil installations open to negotiations

Nigerian militants attacking oil installations in the Niger Delta have called a ceasefire and expressed a willingness to negotiate with the government.

INA launches two new gas fields in Medjimurje

The Croatian oil company INA has begun the test production of gas at two of its production fields

Croatia shouldn't blindly follow EC directives, says enterprise minister

Entrepreneurship Minister Darko Horvat said on Thursday there was a consensus to build a floating LNG terminal on the northern Adriatic island of Krk, adding that Croatia should not blindly follow every European Commission directive.

Gov't adopts decisions on 18% cut in prices of natural gas for households

The Croatian government on Wednesday adopted decisions based on which prices of natural gas for households should go down 18% as of April 1.

EC asks Croatia to explain its gas market rules

The European Commission (EC) on Thursday sent a reasoned opinion to Croatia concerning its gas market rules and Croatia now has two months to inform the Commission of the measures taken to remedy the situation.

Minister promises lower gas prices for households next year

Despite all the setbacks, debts, high prices of gas and of capital, the Kutina-based Petrokemija has been salvaged and is still operating, Vrdoljak said.